Easy Ways to Shop Local

Alright gang, one topic I’ve been really thinking about and practicing lately is shopping local. This seems to unfortunately being a dying art these days! Everyone’s obsessed with Amazon, Starbucks and Nordstrom and it’s sad not many people are sharing the small business love anymore! You can get AND give so much from just shopping local! I always do a Shop Local Series around the holidays here but want to remind ya’ll to shop local all the time too!

Obviously as far as boutique shopping goes, I’m all about shopping local but I’ve really been trying to be more conscious about how I spend my money in ALL areas. When you shop local and support your local small businesses you’re helping to create jobs in your community, you’re keeping your dollars in your community and you’re also likely supporting a business who’s giving back to your local school system and local non profits.

Easy Ways to Shop Local

So here’s a few SUPER easy tips to shopping local and how you can make some small business owner’s day by not changing much in your everyday life!

Local Boutiques

Obviously I’m all about shopping local boutiques and supporting your local boutique owner! We have great inventory that we work super hard to bring you AND we also run sales! I think boutique pricing tends to run people off but we have great prices and great products! What more could you want?! Supporting your local boutiques not only supports your local boutique owners but also keeps you and your community outfitted in unique clothing, gifts and accessories you can’t find everywhere else!

Easy Ways to Shop Local

Grabbing Coffee at a Local Coffee Shop

I’ve been trying to meet with a friend for coffee at least once a month, if not once a week and always try to meet at a local coffee shop. Or even better go work for a couple hours at a local coffee shop. I know the Starbucks drive thru’s are typically convenient and easy to run through when you’re in a hurry but if you have an extra few minutes go support your local coffee shop!

Easy Ways to Shop Local

Eat at Local Restaurants

I know I’m guilty of grabbing lunch or even dinner at a well known chain restaurant because I know my order and it’s easy. But I’ve been trying to be a little more intentional with my eating out and trying to try a new, local place every chance I get! Just being aware of how often I eat at the same places has really helped me try to branch out.

Buy Produce and Meat Locally

This one is definitely becoming trendy which is awesome and great for your local agriculture and local farmers. Woohoo! But when you get the chance, head to the farmers market and pick up as much as you can. It’s better food, it’s locally grown and tastier than anything you buy in a grocery store!

Easy Ways to Shop Local

Shop With Your Friends!

We all know friends who have businesses, support them! Your support literally means the world to them. Whether they have a full on brick and mortar store or if they just sell something on the side. You truly don’t know how much your support means to them! I can say from personal experience Caroline & I are truly thankful and gracious of all our friends who shop at My Kind of Lovely! On another note, all your friends who sell through a direct sales company, they’re small business owners too! Buy some makeup, shampoo, kids clothing or skincare products through them! You’re buying those things anyway, why not buy some through a friend instead of Ulta. Your friend will LOVE you for it and seriously one purchase will make their whole day!

Easy Ways to Shop Local

Bloggers are Small Businesses too!

Last point I’d like to make is don’t forget about all your favorite bloggers! Be sure to shop their links if they posted something you’re going to buy! Don’t forget to like and comment on their posts on instagram and facebook if you truly like their content! That helps us get seen by more people, by brands and just shows your support! If you enjoy their content and want to see more of it, let them know! We love hearing your feedback and can’t thank you enough for your support!