Summer Dress for Fall-6

#NSale: What Is It, What to Buy & Why?

Honestly, I think it’s a little ridiculous that we’re already shopping for fall since we’re really just in the heat of the summer (literally) but I also totally get it. It’s time to start switching gears just in time for back to school and we all like to be prepared, right?! Well Nordstrom is here to the rescue! What is…

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Blue Swing Top & Distressed White Denim-4

Dramatic Blues

After yesterday’s post, I’ll admit I’m a liiiitle behind on my posting! I actually wore this top for my news segment last month, you can watch the video here, and I’m obsessed with this pretty flowy cobalt blue top! I love anything with a little drama and I love the uneven hem with the super flowy shape. It’s perfect with…


Lovely Lately

I’m so sorry my posting has been less than consistent lately! Even at super busy times I can usually at least get 1 or 2 blog posts up but lately it’s been hard to do even that. Truth is, after almost 5 years of blogging (5 years is the 22nd!) it starts to get hard. It starts to feel stagnant and…