Spring Bucket List

Spring is here and I couldn’t be more excited! Since I go hard on my goals and love all the projects and things I’m working on, a lot of times I have a hard time just getting out and having fun! Or I guess I should say, I don’t prioritize it. I love being home and being productive, so sometimes getting out and doing some of the things I want to do get put on the back burner. BUT not when you put together a seasonal bucket list! I really need to remember to do these seasonally because I usually get the things done! So here’s what’s on my list for spring!

Spring Bucket List

Spend an Afternoon at Central Filling Station

If you’re local to the Knoxville area you should know about Central Filling Station! It’s basically a food truck park, it’s super cute and photo worthy, and they have drinks! It’s outdoors, you can bring your kids, your dogs, your friends and family, etc. It’s the perfect way to spend a spring afternoon, evening or weekend. It’s the perfect little place. (Check it out here!)

Visit Arrington Vineyards

Jared and I went to Arrington when we first started dating but it was cold and during the winter, so I’m begging him to take me back in the spring! We can take a little picnic, do a wine tasting and just hang out in the beautiful scenery for an afternoon. (Check it out here!)

Go to an Outdoor Concert

I love a good music festival, but honestly, who’s got time for all that these days?! Ha! I just need a good one day music festival or I’ll just settle for an outdoor concert. I just need some live music, outdoors and a drink in my hand at some point this spring!

Go to a Nashville Networking Event

I’m going to a team meet up in Nashville next weekend and I’m equal parts excited and nervous! I’ve realized that being in a new area is so exciting but also often pushing me out of my comfort zone which I know I need more of! I hope to go to at least one more this season!

Get a New Pair of Denim Cutoffs

I did a whole post last year on denim cutoffs and why I got the ones I got. And while I loved them last year, they were pretty distressed and they seem to have gotten shorter! Eeek! Also, they’re a little snug, so I’m on the hunt for a more relaxed fit of shorts that I can wear anywhere and everywhere. I’ll be sure when I find a winner!

Try a New Restaurant in Nashville with Jared

Since I’m all about supporting local, I really want to try out some new local restaurants with Jared! Nashville is so close to us but we always say we don’t make the time to actually go into Nashville. But I want to make it more of a priority to have some Nashville date nights and try out some new places!

Visit Somewhere New in Tennessee

Jared and I are driving across the state of Tennessee ALL the time, but we never make time to stop in fun places. Last weekend we got stuck in interstate traffic and detoured off and drove around Manchester, TN and it was beautiful. We rolled the windows down, enjoyed the pretty scenery and even found the cutest little wedding venue! We said, “we’ve gotta do this more often!” See the state off the interstate, not be so rushed everywhere we go, and stop and see the sights! So I’m about to go digging through my girl, Greta’s, archives to see all her fun Tennessee posts! She’s partnered with Tennessee Vacation and shares a lot of small tourism towns in Tennessee! If you have any smaller towns we need to stop and see let me know!

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