What’s New With My Kind of Lovely

I haven’t done a My Kind of Lovely update around here in a while and most of ya’ll follow me on instagram, so you may know, but I thought a full post update may be fun!

Sooo if you haven’t seen, we’re now an online only boutique! Which has been so fun! Caroline and I aren’t together as much, but it makes the days more enjoyable, and the WORK more fun! We’re excited for this new chapter of My Kind of Lovely but it’s kind of been a crazy ride to get here!

So, What’s Up With My Kind of Lovely?!

Caroline’s in the Cuddle Up Cutie & I’m in the Love in Leopard

I was recently listening to A Beautiful Mess’s new podcast and a reader wrote in and asked about their brick & mortar store from years ago and was asking advice on it. Elsie said, “it was the most beautiful thing they had done, but also the most heartbreaking.” And I was like wow. That is the truth. Because to be honest, regular brick and mortar retail stores in the US are closing by the thousands. They’re just SO EXPENSIVE to run and people don’t make time to shop in them! Stores are the most amazing things because you get to create genuine, real, relationships with your customers. You get to create a dreamy atmosphere, true customer service and literally have the best time ever at work!! But I also know most store owners struggle. You can only grow so much, they’re very demanding, and bottom line, they’re hard. You HAVE to have a social media presence, majority of sales are done via social media, so store owners are left wondering, do I have to keep breaking my back in this store to keep this business going?!

So, we decided our answer was no. Our customers love our events, they love convenience, they love our styles, and they love social media! So that’s what we’re focusing on! We’re going to do some fun spring and summer events in Madisonville and surrounding areas. We’ll be doing a LOT on social media, and we’re really building up our website presence! We’re starting with a really fun spring launch that dropped yesterday, March 1! We’ll be doing more curated, big launches and we’re only bringing in items that Caroline & I LOVE.

We will be doing 1-2 big launches per month. GREAT pieces. Fun photos and lots of social media surrounding those launches! We’re just super excited to make this transition and while it’s felt big and overwhelming and scary to us at first, it’s actually super exciting! I’m kicking off my Monday so excited for the “new My Kind of Lovely!”

Shop the Full My Kind of Lovely Spring Launch Here! 

Thanks for always following along and I hope you’ll check out our latest launch! I’d love to hear what your favorite pieces are!

I’m linking/sharing my 5 favorite things of the launch below! I’m obsessed with all of these! (and everything else! ;))

Denim Darlin’ Dress

Star Power Jacket

Love in Leopard

Easy Like Sunday Mornin’

When The Stars Go Blue