5 Ways To Make Extra Money During Quarantine

Hope everyone is practicing social distancing and everyone is staying safe and well at home right now! I think we’re all a little worried about the future and what kind of impact this is going to have on our lives, our jobs, our businesses and our economy. The reality is, there’s really no way of knowing, so we’ve just gotta keep pushing, stay safe and do what’s best for us! And best for us may be finding ways to make extra money during quarantine!

If you’re self employed or recently laid off you may be looking for ways to make additional income right now. Jared & I both have multiple streams of income, some of which are 100% impacted by this and others that are thriving, and I’m so thankful for all we have in such shaky times. (I also feel like now’s the best time to launch our farm raised beef business, right?!) So, from someone who’s self employed, who has multiple streams of income and who’s researched lots of ways to make money, I thought I’d share a few great ways for you to get started making money as soon as TODAY! 5 ways to make extra money during quarantine that you can literally start as soon as you finish reading this blog post.

Become an Affiliate Parter with Companies you Love!

As a blogger I’ve found this is one of my most diverse ways to make money from just sharing online. If you’re sharing things on your social media, (fav nail polishes, workouts, protein bars, target runs, etc.) check to see if any of those favorites have an affiliate program! You’ll get paid directly from referring people to them! I make an affiliate commission from a lot of clothing brands through RewardStyle and ShopStyle and most online influencers (you don’t even have to have a blog!) can sign up and start earning a commission. I also am exclusively partnered with the Faster Way to Fat Loss and receive a very nice commission when people sign up for the program.

It may take some time but you’ll be surprised to find there are lots of affiliate programs out there! And if you have a blog or pinterest, create some evergreen content to recirculate often and let those links live on to generate some recurring revenue for yourself.

Join a Social Selling Company

To be honest, joining a social selling company was never something I set out to do. But once I became such a strong affiliate member for the Faster Way to Fat Loss, I thought, what do I have to lose?! And these pay out way better than all of my clothing commissions! I’ve now made it a small business and that income has matched and most months doubles my blogging income! If you are interested in joining a social selling company I’d suggest considering a few things first. Find one with no monthly minimums and no sales requirements, especially if you’re just wanting to try it out first! Another thing to consider is a product that’s consumable (people use, love, and buy again). And making sure it’s a company with a great compensation plan. Anti-aging haircare and skincare was the perfect match for me and I LOVE it!

If you’re interested in more info- message me on instagram!

Create an Amazon Storefront

This is basically just becoming an affiliate for Amazon. Just a little more specific and basically applies to everyone. I think we all order at least a few things a month from Amazon! I think anyone with a social media account can create an amazon storefront and start sharing your favorites! If you share your storefront on instagram or on facebook and someone buys something you suggested you make a commission. (I don’t currently use, so I’m not sure how often or quickly they pay commissions, but it’s definitely worth trying!)

Grocery Shop for Instacart

Go grocery shopping for those who can’t or don’t want to get out right now! You can make your own hours, there’s a high demand for it right now since no one wants to go out and do their own grocery shopping and it’s super easy to apply and to qualify!

Become A Virtual Assistant

A lot of small businesses are suffering right now, but a lot are looking for more affordable ways to get things done. They may be needing additional assistance in new areas like website design, website graphics, social media or email marketing. If you have experience or expertise in these areas and want to help out, reach out to some small businesses and see what they need. If you can offer an affordable solution for them, I’m sure they will jump on board!

These aren’t going to immediately provide you a full time income. But, if you get serious, you can definitely start earning money right away. If you have any additional ideas on how to start making money right now, leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear your ideas!