Girl Talk: Jordan Jones of Packed Party

Happy Monday! I’m super excited to kick off a new series today! I’ve met quite a few amazing girls along my blogging and boutique journey and thought it would be SO fun to start sharing a little more of those girls here. One word that’s really been jumping off the page for me lately is community. I’m a very firm believer in community over competition and as a business owner I think having a community with other business owners, bloggers and brand owners is so important. We’re so much better together. Let’s lift each other up because there’s room for us all!

So, every week I’ll be kicking the week off with a little Monday girl talk. I’ll be sharing bloggers, boutique owners, brand owners and more! If there’s someone in particular you’d love to see here I’d love to hear from you! Send em my way!

I’m kicking the series off with a dear friend, Jordan Jones, the owner of Packed Party. I discovered Jordan when Julia from Gal Meets Glam posted some adorable photos of them in Palm Springs. I started following Packed Party’s journey on instagram and LOVED their content and watching the brand grow. They’re the ultimate party girls and their instagram feed totally shows that! I remember they announced they were selling wholesale and Caroline and I were definitely interested in checking them out! BUT I snapchatted our new front table display at My Kind of Lovely and got a snap chat message from Packed Party! Whatttt?! That snapchat message lead to an email AND a phone call from Jordan. Two days later we had a case of shiny disco drinks at My Kind of Lovely! Fast forward and now we’re great friends with Jordan. We asked her to coffee at market January of last year, which then turned to dinner, and even meeting her parents last market trip!  Now Caroline & I are dying to take a trip to Austin to check out the Packed Party HQ! It’s so wonderful when you can meet someone for coffee, totally hit it off, become friends AND support each other and the love for each other’s brands! Seriously, what an amazing girls support girls feeling!

Meet Jordan Jones of Packed Party…

I love all things Packed Party! Give us your quick Packed Party intro! 

I’m Jordan Jones, the founder + ceo here at Packed Party! Packed Party’s a lifestyle gifting brand that aims to make everyday a party with our uniquely designed and fun products. I started the company when in 2013 when I was 23 years old based off of a dream I had about sending myself a physical Pity Party package and since expanded the company with the help of an amazing fan and loyal following we built on social media platforms like Instagram.

I’m obsessed with the Packed Party branding. You do such an awesome job with everything from your products to your visuals and your new HQ is to die for! How do you dream up all these amazing things AND execute them? 

Thank you so much! It’s definitely a labor of love and a great team behind me. We all work really well together in putting together ideas and there’s a ton of communication and back in forth in executing. No great idea is just one person it takes a whole team to get something on a shelf and brand it.

How, over the years, have you really honed in on your customer? 

I treat her like she’s my friend because I genuinely believe she is. I make products I’d want to gift myself or would want to gift to my friends. This has really worked for me since starting 5 years ago. I’m unsure it’ll always be the case, but for right now I’m the same age as my target demographic so it’s really fun honing in on products I myself would want to receive or give. We also put a lot of focus on connecting with our community of Party Girls through different channels like our VIP Facebook group for top customers, our podcast, social media pages like Instagram, and even Spotify channel. We want to be wherever our customer is.

As a business owner I know you’re pulled in a million different directions. How do you stay on task and stay organized?

It’s tough to stay on task juggling quite a bit but I am religious about routine as best I can be and am really a big believer in realistic list. I always try and pull together a list of things I need to knock out at night so I know what I need to get in and execute on the next day.

How do you deal with the copycats? I get frustrated when I see people knocking other’s off so I can’t even imagine what it feels like to see your designs being copied. 

It definitely will happen and it means you’re doing something right as maddening as it is. Keep your head down and keep going knowing the copycats will always be two steps behind you. No one can win copying someone else. Having confidence in my ideas and my brain pumping things out first has really allowed me to release some of the hurt or anger I used to hold on to when it came to copy cats. It happens – it’s a part of the deal and you’ll know what you’re made of by how you respond. So what? Someone copies you. Do you let it define you and shut your doors right there? You probably aren’t a great business owner if one product makes or breaks your whole company. Expand and let it challenge you. The first time I was copied was on my packages pretty early on when I started. The company’s name was almost identical to mine and they were stealing as much as my poems inside my packages. It was infuriating, seeing brands I worked hard to find for my packages inside this company’s package too so what did I do to make it stop? I started designing my own products to go inside packages. And then what happened? People wanted those products by themselves and here I am today with a line of not only packages but products too so something great came out of the copying. It challenged me. It never stopped me. Keep going!

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

As “party” as my brand is, I prefer staying home most nights with a small group of friends and tend to shy away from large social situations when I can. I love loud, fun, and bright products that make life a party, but when it comes to the other definition of “party” that’s out running it I am severely lacking…and okay with that 🙂

What’s your favorite recent purchase?

A new set of pajamas I got from PJ salvage! Does this make me a grandma?

What’s your favorite part of owning a business?

The hustle is very real. Some days it’s fun, some days it’s terrifying. I love meeting new people through my business when I can and hearing responses to products from customers. The stories of giving our products are so incredibly special to me.

What’s your all time favorite Packed Party Product? 

Probably our Doorstep Necklace – it was the first product I produced outside of packages and just before we really broke out with our Disco Drinks so it holds a really special place in my heart. I love hearing people’s stories of engraving numbers that they call home on their necklaces!

Pizza or Fries? Pizza yum!

Summer or Winter? Winter

What TV Show are you Currently Watching? Just finished Stranger Things and now I’m on to The Killing which is crazy!

Favorite Color? Navy

Favorite Emoji? The party horn, come on!

Favorite drink? Iced Tea with two lemons and two Splendas please!

Favorite way to throw a party?! At home with my closest friends, dogs, great food and music. Just cozy and easy!

Thank you Jordan for kicking off this fun series! If you haven’t checked out Packed Party I’d highly suggest you following them on Instagram! Also, we’ll be launching our newest Packed Party products over on this week!