Beauty Talk: January Favorites

January Beauty Favorites

I’m always trying out lots of new beauty products and never really sharing them here. Whether its a new lipstick, new face serum or even just a fun beauty hack, I have lots of great finds so I’m going to start doing a monthly roundup of 5 things I’ve tried and am loving. Kicking it off at the end of the month here are 5 things I’ve tried this month that I’m truly obsessed with right now!

It Cosmetics Ja Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Palette – This palette is everything you need in one! I love that it makes it super easy, especially for girls on the go like me! It has pressed powder, blush, bronzer and a highlighter all in one. The pressed powder is the perfect topper to your foundation and makes your pores disappear! Then the blush, bronzer and highlighter are all super easy to use and the perfect shade for everyday color!

January Beauty Favorites

Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist – girls who need a little extra volume but never know how to get it, this stuff is a miracle worker! It is just a little tacky once you get it in, so it takes a few applications to get it just right but once you do it’s literally the easiest and fastest way to get volume! It’s a powder so it literally just puffs into your hair but it definitely makes a big impact!

January Beauty Favorites

Elf Makeup Remover Pen – anyone else tend to get your mascara all over your eyelids when applying? I swear I’m the messiest eye make up applicator. But no worries with this fun pen! It literally just erases your marks as easy as you made them! It’s a lifesaver especially when you’re in a hurry and get a few unwanted smudges!

January Beauty Favorites

Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen – Somehow in my simplifying over the past few months I stopped wearing eyeliner! I might have just gotten lazy or run out of the eyeliner I was using but I literally don’t know what I did without this stuff! It’s the easiest to apply, goes on super smooth and you can easily get that thick, clean stroke of eyeliner on the top lid. I love that it has a fat brush for a thick stroke of eyeliner that isn’t too hard to mess up! Quick, clean and easy!

January Beauty Favorites

Nyx Liquid Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Tea & Cookies – This is the lip color I’ve constantly been wearing lately! It’s so perfect for everyday wear. It’s a pretty, light pink that still stands out. I love that it wears well throughout the day and it even wears off well. There’s nothing worse than looking into the mirror only to find you only have lipstick lining your lips.  Luckily this one doesn’t do that! So when I have a busy day ahead this is definitely my color! It’s literally my go-to color right now!

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12 thoughts on “Beauty Talk: January Favorites

  1. Brooke

    Such a good post! I love love love NYX lip products! My favorite by them is lip suede in the shade downtown beauty!


  2. Alexa

    Loved this post! Love a good beauty roundup for sure! I am ordering that NYX lip color, its gorgeous!! Love it!!


  3. Casey

    Love this! I love NYX’s lip products as well, especially their liquid lipsticks! And I definitely need to try out that volumizing mist – I’m always looking for more volume!

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