Heart Happy: Happy Closet

As I mentioned in one of my previous Heart Happy posts I’m determined to get things together this year! I’ve slowly but surely been really focusing on my closet. On organizing it, on perfecting it and on making it more practical. I’m forcing myself to be one of those people who gets rid of things regularly and I’ll have to say it makes life so much easier! This morning I’m back on the local news sharing my closet clean out tips (watch the clip here) and thought I would share them here as well! My tips on what to keep, what to consign and what to toss!

closet clean out_-8


Everyone’s heard the rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it, and I totally agree with this. The only exceptions are closet staples, occasion dresses and maybe even just a piece you absolutely love (and I mean L-O-V-E). I think it’s fun to keep your most favorite pieces but if you know it’s not something you’re going to wear anytime soon, pack it up. It’s taking up useful space in that closet!

March 152

{These are two of my favorites that I don’t get to wear often. I’m still keeping them around though, they’ll definitely get worn at some point!}

Items To Keep: (that you might not have worn in over a year)

  • Statement pieces that you love
  • Timeless pieces: LBDs, pea coats, denim jackets, classic denim styles, button downs, trench coats, etc.


Consigning is definitely the way to go for as much as you can! Anything that no longer fits or you just don’t get excited about any more. I try to ask myself, “Do you like this enough to not get something else in its place?” and if the answer is no (and most of the time it is) it goes to consignment. The best part about consigning is you can sell 2 or 3 old things and make enough to buy something new! So that keeps me motivated to keep things moving!

My consigning of choice is Poshmark (shop my closet here) but you can take things to consignment shops, sell on ebay or there are plenty of other consignment apps that are easy and awesome.

March 151

{These are two of my latest “add to consignment” pieces. The dress I loved but it’s had its run! I’ve worn it to two different events (and on the blog here) so I’m ready to hand it off to someone else. And the jacket I’ve always loved but it’s so not me, so its never been worn and needs to go as well.}

Items to Consign: 

  • Items that you haven’t worn in over a year or aren’t excited to wear anymore
  • Items in good condition
  • Any name brands


Unfortunately I have to trash a few more pieces that I would like. I’ve worn quite a few pairs of shoes until they’ve broken and have ripped and stained a few more articles of clothing than I’d like to admit! These, unless they’re worth being repaired, just need to go in the trash can.

March 15

{Broken wedges and purse, headed to the dumpster.}

Items to Trash: 

  • Damaged items
  • Items that are really worn (stains, unraveling hems, pilling, etc.)

Alright, who’s ready to clean out those closets this weekend?! Happy cleaning!