5 Things That Are Inspiring Me So Far this Year

We all go through ups and downs and honestly sometimes we know we’re down, but other times we don’t realize how down we were until something comes in and spices things up! I like to call it the end of winter blues but I’ve definitely had a case of the downs lately and there are a few things that have consistently been picking me up. Things that you can totally incorporate into your life for a little pick me up too!

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Gratitude Journal

We just started carrying Oh So Grateful gratitude journals at My Kind of Lovely and I have been loving mine! Honestly, I love it because it’s small and just a few lines a day. I’ve had a few others in the past but sometimes sitting down and filling in a whole page or 2 pages seems like too much work. These have prompts if you need them, and just enough space for a little blurb a day (you can take up a few days for one if you need it!) It just takes a few minutes but I instantly feel better once I’m finished.

Good Hair Days

Since changing my products, I’ve been able to make my hair last for days! Specifically my curls! Not having to touch up my curls everyday is such a day changer! It makes getting ready so much easier, quicker and less hassle! I also look forward to washing my hair now and love lathering it with healthy, non toxic products!

Unfollowing People on Instagram

Hehe this is a kind of funny one, but honestly doing an instagram purge and unfollowing tons of girls who look the same, wear the same things and post the same things has been a game changer for my instagram time. I’ve followed a lot of different people, people that inspire me, educate me and make me feel lifted up has made me love instagram again! I wrote a more in depth post on this and shared 10 of my current favorite accounts if you want to check it out!

Shopping Small

I’ve been trying to be conscious of shopping small as much as possible. From farmers markets, local meat producers, coffee shops, restaurants, clothing, accessories, shoes, shampoo, etc, there are LOTS of easy ways to support your local small businesses. Of course I still shop at the grocery store, amazon, and big retailers, but I’m trying to give my best effort to support local as much as possible. And honestly it makes me feel so good inside when I spend my money with these people. I know it may seem silly, but you can walk out of a store knowing you are supporting a dream and helping that person reach their goals. I can promise you Jeff Besos from Amazon doesn’t care about your $100 order, but that boutique owner or restaurant owner sure LOVES you for it!

Joining a Team of Hardworking Women

As ya’ll know I started selling that all natural hair care product I’ve been gushing about for the past 3 months! When I joined I really just wanted to share with you guys my love for the products. I wanted to share why I loved them so much and help you get better hair if you’re in the same boat as me. Little did I know I was joining a team of rockstar women who are killing it and I have so much to learn from! From weekly training calls to daily encouragement, to personal development I have been SO inspired by these ladies and this business. Linking arms with awesome women to encourage and push me a little out of my comfort zone has been just the little pick me up I was desperately needing!

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