Winter Hair Care: 3 Hair Products to Transition to Winter

Winter is coming and I think we can all agree our hair and skin can take a toll when the weather gets dry & cold. Winter hair care is my least favorite, but I think I’ve officially mastered it! My hair gets dry, my scalp gets dry and I can never figure out what to do with my hair when it’s full of static and won’t hold a curl! Ugh – right?! So I rounded up 3 of my must have winter hair care products to transition your hair to colder weather!

Winter Hair Care by popular Nashville beauty blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of a woman with long blonde hair wearing a fringed denim jacket.

The 3 Best Winter Hair Care Products:

Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

I like to add in a hydrating shampoo & conditioner every few washes. My hair is really fine so it doesn’t need it every wash, but in the winter I can definitely tell my hair gets more dry. So an advanced hydrating shampoo & conditioner (just do the conditioner if your hair is really fine!) is great for adding back in some moisture that the cold air can pull out! And if you’re someone who sees a lot of static in your hair, it’s usually due to a lack of moisture, so adding in some products that add a little more hydration & moisture to your hair is great for cutting that static!

Leave in Conditioner

This is the product I never knew I needed! I use the leave in conditioner daily in between washes. This isn’t something that is just to use on wet hair, post-wash, like I originally thought. I use it any time my ends are starting to feel dry! The Monat Leave in Conditioner is SO lightweight, you can’t even tell you have product on your hair! Any time my ends get frizzy, my hair feels dry or before I brush through some tangles, I always add in a little leave in conditioner! It hydrates, strengthens & smooths, it’s the best!

Rejuveniqe Oil

If you’re not using a hair oil, winter is the perfect time to add one in!! It can add back in nutrients and hydration so easily! I love using the Rejuveniqe oil as an overnight oil treatment on my hair and scalp. If you’re like me and have a dry, itchy scalp, you know it can flare up in the winter time. This is the perfect overnight treatment to add some hydration back into your dry scalp!

These are a few of my winter favorites! If you’d like the Monat hookup, feel free to reach out anytime! I can get you the best deal! Including a killer deal on shampoo & conditioner this weekend only!

What winter hair care products are you currently loving? Let me know in a comment below!