Skin Check with Southeastern Dermatology

Since turning 30 I’ve really made a commitment to taking better care of myself. From little things like drinking more water to bigger things like stop putting off going to the dermatologist. Taking a little time to give yourself some self care and self love is so important! And taking better care of my skin has been at the top of my list lately! I’ve partnered with a Knoxville Dermatologist, Southeastern Dermatology to take you guys along on my skincare journey and I can’t wait to share all the fun!

Why You Need Your Yearly Skin Check

First up we’re talking visiting the Dermatologist. I’ve never had bad skin. I didn’t suffer from bad acne as a teenager, I don’t have any skin issues and have never really had a “need” to visit the dermatologist. Until I heard that you actually should be visiting the dermatologist once a year for your skin checks! Ah! I’ve never done that. But thankfully, that’s not uncommon, but it is something you should do if you don’t already!

Skin Checks – What & Why?

If you’re like me and don’t frequent the dermatologist, let me break it down for ya. Skin checks are super simple procedures where your dermatologist, checks your skin. They check all of it, from under your hair to in between your toes! They’re checking for unusual moles and any irregularities on your skin. And if you’re like me and lived in the sun and tanning beds as a teenager, you definitely want to be keeping a close eye on moles and anything new that pops up. Any irregular moles and any other skin issues need to be checked by a professional.

Why You Need Your Yearly Skin Check

Why You Need Your Yearly Skin Check

Why check? Cancer is a big, bad, scary word and if you’ve been in the sun, unprotected, for any amount of time you definitely need to be getting that skin checked for all types of skin cancer! There are several types of skin cancer, with Melanoma being the most dangerous and commonly heard of. There are other types of skin cancer that are still dangerous and need to be treated. BUT don’t let that big, bad, scary word cancer scare you away! That’s why you need to get your skin checked, so they can catch anything and treat it immediately!

My Skin Check Experience:

I was a little nervous because I actually am pretty mole-y and the unknown can also be a little scary! But my nurse practitioner, Debbie, was great. She was so friendly, happy to talk me through everything and gave me lots of great info on all my moles. (haha) She found a few and asked me about them, I told her most had always been there and looked like that and she moved on. But she did actually find one on my stomach that had a little pink coloring to it and said it needed to go. She asked if I would rather have it scraped or cut out (think a little hole punch) and I opted for the scrape technique. She totally distracted me, told me I’d feel a little pinch and little burn and then it was over! Seriously, so fast and not bad at all! Once that was done she sent it off for a biospy and I would hear back in a few days. Luckily I heard back and it was just a harmless mole and I had nothing to worry about! Whew!

A Few Takeaways From My Dermatologist Appointment:

  • SUNSCREEN! One of the easiest ways to take better care of your skin in sunscreen! Wear it daily, on your face, hands and arms when you’re in and out of the sun on a regular basis. Your hands and face can still get sun when driving! When you’re outside all day (lake, beach, pool) make sure to cover all areas and reapply, reapply, reapply! I’ve gotten quite a few bad burns in my lifetime but I definitely won’t be doing that again! You should be using one ounce of sunscreen, every 1-2 hours. Be very careful in the sun and protect that skin! Oh, and don’t forget areas like your hands, feet and scalp!
  • When you see an abnormal mole or spot on your skin, get it checked. After my appointment I told Jared I’ve got to make him one! He has a few spots that I want to get checked. You can never been too cautious!
  • Protecting your skin is the first step to healthy, youthful looking skin. I’ve started a new skincare regime (more on that soon!) and it comes with a sunscreen. That was a great reminder that all the work you do in trying to reverse the sun damage is pointless if you’re not protecting your skin from getting more sun! So I’m going to be extra extra cautious to protect my skin!

If you have any questions, leave them for me in the comments! And if you’re in the Knoxville area and are looking for a Dermatologist, I’d highly suggest Southeastern Dermatology!