What’s in Your Dry Shampoo?

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Grab a can of dry shampoo and read those first few ingredients. Do you recognize any of them? Reading ingredient lists on beauty products are like a foreign language to me but there’s one that I definitely know on my favorite can of Batiste. BUTANE. Yep, gas. And you’re spraying it directly onto your scalp. I don’t know about ya’ll but once I realized that I thought, that definitely can’t be good for me. But I’m NEVER giving up my dry shampoo?!?!

That’s when my clean beauty journey started. I’m definitely no professional when it comes to clean beauty products. I’m just like ya’ll probably are, overwhelmed by it all, confused and honestly a little scared of what everyone’s saying about some of my favorite products! So I’m starting to swap things out little by little and I plan to share more of that journey with you here!

Today we’re staring with dry shampoo. I used to go though a few cans of Batiste a month. It worked, it was super affordable and accessible so it was a must for me. Until I started hearing about cleaner alternatives. Now I’ve totally kicked my Batiste habit and have found a product that lasts me a few months at a time and doesn’t include propane or butane. Win-win!

So I thought I’d share a little more tid bits on what it means to have these ingredients in your products and share my favorite non toxic line of hair care products.

What does it mean to have propane and butane in your hair products?

Propane, isobutane and butane are compressed gasses that are used in aerosol propellants. They are used in small amounts but they are still in your dry shampoos and other hair and beauty products. They ARE approved ingredients by the FDA. But, did you know, the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. 1938 yall?! That’s almost 100 years! And to look at what’s changed since 1938 – ha! It’s crazy!

Why is it so bad to have propane or butane in hair products?

Your scalp absorbs at rates 5-10 times higher than other parts of your body which means our hair products are so important. That gas that you’re spraying onto your head may not be in a high dose, but you better believe your scalp is absorbing what you’re putting on it. Not to mention you’re also inhaling that. I used to always worry about spraying all those products for Romeo to inhale while he was in the bathroom with me- but never worried about myself. Also lol to that.

So what do I use? You’ve probably heard me talk about my favorite non toxic hair line if you follow me on instagram or caught my last post here, but I’m a firm believer in Monat.

The Best Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo & Hair Care

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I’ve switched all of my hair care products to Monat, including my dry shampoo. Why is it the best non toxic dry shampoo? This dry shampoo is not only, not bad for your hair, but it’s actually so GOOD for your hair! It has lots of great uses- it’s conditioning, volumzing and cuts the grease just like your regular dry shampoo. It has great ingredients including Monat’s exclusive Rejuvinique oil.  Rejuvinique is great for scalp health and is great for your hair. There are so many benefits to this dry shampoo you can’t not love it!

I fell in love with these all natural hair products once I started using them that I decided to sell Monat. (I shared a little more on my healthy hair journey here!) So if you ever want to chat hair products or get a personalized hair recommendation, my email inbox and instagram direct message inbox is always open! This line has helped my hair so much and I love that I can be confident in knowing that my hair care products are all natural. No more worrying about gas being absorbed into my scalp, right there next to my ole brain. (hahaha only kinda kidding here)

Shop all Monat Products here!

Next up I’m working on swapping out a lot of my face beauty products, but there are SO MANY! Eeek! I’ll keep ya’ll updated! If there are any specific clean beauty posts you want to see here, please let me know! And please send me all your clean beauty recommendations if you have them! I’d love to hear!

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