The Babes Support Babes Movement

Babes Support Babes. Just a cheeky shirt? Or a movement? I think we should make it a movement.

Now more than ever I’ve truly realized the importance of supporting my fellow babes. I’ve written a few posts on this topic but I want to make it a constant thing. For two reasons – I think we can all use the reminder, and because I can talk about the topic foreverrr! I’ve started this post a couple of different times but kept stopping because I was overwhelmed by the topic. But I think we, as women, need to be reminded of these things. Especially in this pinterest and instagram era when we’re constantly reminded how other women are “crushing it” at whatever they’re doing. But in reality, they’re just like you, they’re actually scrambling, stressed, second guessing themselves and most of the time feel like they have no clue what they’re doing. But on the outside (and on instagram) we ALL look like we’ve got it together! Yes, even you, dear friend reading this.

So today I wanted to share a little Babes Support Babes wisdom, because sometimes we just need a little reminder.

Tips on Supporting Your Fellow Babes

+ It starts with YOU.

You have to be in the right mindset to accept love and give love. If that means unfollowing or “mute-ing” people on instagram, then do it. If that means you need to adopt a little daily mantra, do it. But just know that by loving other people well, you will instantly feel good and a lot of time that love is reciprocated. Leave a thoughtful comment on someone’s instagram. Send a text to friend telling them you’re thankful for them or great job on something they’re working on. I promise you’ll instantly feel better.

+ Spread the Love.

Whether your friend has a business, a blog, a side hustle, just got married or just threw the most adorable 1st birthday for their kid, spread the love. If you loved their photos, hit that little share button and say you’re proud of them or “OMG didn’t Felicia look gorgeous in her wedding dress?!” Do you know how much sharing someone’s instagram photo on your own story means to them? It may not make their whole life, but I promise it will make their day and instantly make them smile. Just writing this is making me want to go share someone’s photo today! This costs ZERO dollars but is the easiest way to spread the love and give your friend who worked so hard on that a little shoutout!

+ Shop With Them.

If I’ve said this once I’ll say it a million times. Literally buying a $4 greeting card can make a shop owner’s day! Please don’t feel like you have to be a big spender to support someone’s business. If they’re a blogger, did you know that by clicking their links you’re shopping with them? Those girls that shared about the Nordstrom Sale and you loved their posts? Click on their links when you shop! And lastly, if you have a friend who sells makeup, skincare, hair products, clothing, basically anything you purchase on a regular basis, make one of your regular purchase swaps to shop with them and I promise they’ll love you for it much more than Ulta, Sephora or Amazon will!

+ Find a Community of SUPPORTIVE Women.

If your friends just gossip and talk bad about other people, maybe you need some new friends. If you have friends that you question what they say about you behind your back, then you definitely need new friends. Personally, I don’t have time for negativity and I’m looking to push past the negativity with other women who are doing the same. I’m in a group chat that literally doesn’t allow negativity or any “I can’t” type of comments and I love it so much!

*If you’re looking for a positive community please feel free to reach out to me!*

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