Sustainable Shopping: Create a Wishlist

Since I did a no shopping month, instead of hitting “add to cart” I put things I reallllly wanted on a wishlist. I just started a running wishlist of things I want and need to add to my closet. I truly am trying to cut back on excess “things” and a lot of that comes to things in my closet- my shoes, my jewelry, my accessories, etc. So instead of just buying to buy, everything has a “reason” or a purpose in my closet. This is a great way to shop for multiple reasons so I wanted share why I’m loving wishlist shopping right now, and why you should create shopping wishlists too!

Why You Should Create Shopping Wishlists:

  • It’s Efficient: It’s a great way to make sure you’re only buying things you really need and really want. If you need jeans, you should buy the dang jeans! If you really want a pair of white booties (v high on my wishlist right now) the moment you spot the perfect pair, you scoop them up, they were on your wishlist after all!
  • Cuts Back on Fast Fashion Shopping: It cuts back on all that extra spending and extra buying. Of course there are always exceptions, but I’ve found a lot of times when I don’t have guidelines, I’ll pick up random things at Target, Amazon or Forever 21 that I will literally wear once and then it just takes up space in my closet. I didn’t LOVE it, it wasn’t a must have and it just ended up being a waste.
  • Budget: It’s a great way to budget your spending! If you do a no shopping month, save your money up. It’s a great way to save and then go buy those things you LOVE. It’s also a great way to save up for something that may be a pricier item on your wishlist, but you never buy because you’re spending all your money on those little things!

I love creating a wishlist that’s full of things I really love and really want so that it can keep me on track! So here’s what I currently have on my wishlist!

My Current Pre Spring Wishlist:

Wide Leg White Denim – I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of white wide leg denim for a while now and just can’t seem to find any! Every blogger’s outfit I love, they end up being sold out! And wide leg denim is pretty tricky, they have to fit just right, so I’ll continue my hunt. The only ones I’ve found that are reasonably priced are these from ASOS but they’re more cream and I’m pretty sure I want white, so I’ll keep looking. If ya’ll have any you love, send me the link!

White Western Booties – I realllly wanted the white snake skin version of these and they’re literally sold out everywhere in my size! There are a few sizes still available at Revolve if you love them too! But I stumbled upon the solid white ones when writing this post for 50% off and immediately scooped them up! So I have these currently coming to me and I’m PUMPED! 

Patent Leather Combat Boots – This was something I never knew I needed! One of my friends has this exact pair and they’re so cute! I love the combat boot look, but just wasn’t sure if it was “me”. These are great because they’re not super chunky. They’re shiny, so they’re a little more feminine, and I totally think they can work for spring with cute dresses! This isn’t something I’ll splurge on, but for for $30, they’re totally fun! 

Fun Beaded Bag – I’ve been wanting a pearl or beaded bag, just haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet. I just love this one from Blair Eadie’s Nordstrom collection. And it’s on sale! 

Current Brand Obsession:

This last one get’s it’s own collage. I’m literally obsessed with the entire brand, Local Eclectic. I’m obsessed! Currently very into rings, and I just can’t pick a favorite so I’m sharing all my current favorites! I literally want them all!

Now you tell me! What’s on your wishlist?! 

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