September Intentions: Simplify

My 5 Steps to Simplify your Life that you can start implementing TODAY!

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Happy September! I’m honestly very excited for a new month & a new monthly intention! I’m all about simplifying right now so these are my current steps to simplifying your life. We had a lot of unexpected things happen in August, a lot of sad days and a lot of uncertainty came up for a lot of things. It was a month that honestly really put things into perspective for me. I realized I overthink, I over worry and I over complicate a lot of things. Anyone else relate to that?!

When you have a lot of uncertainty come up in your life it’s a lot easier to realize what’s important. When life is good we worry about the silliest, tiniest things, but when uncertainty comes it makes those little things look so insignificant! I’ve realized I spend too much of my time overcomplicating things when I really just need to simplify and move on! So here we are, September is all about simplifying!

Steps to Simplify Your Life:

Work – Stop worrying about all the “extras” and focus on the things that matter. AKA the things that move the needle and that make money!!

Social Media Time – Less scrolling, more creating!

Routines – Awake time, bed time, meal time – no exceptions when I’m home.

Home – If you follow on insta you know we’ve re-done our living room and a lot of things are in the basement right now. I really want to work on de-cluttering and simplifying the home so that it’s a peaceful, happy place. I stress most about home things because it’s definitely not my expertise but I’m realizing you just have to pull the trigger, rip the bandaid and just get it done!! Buy the organizing things, pick the paint color and move on! Why do I procrastinate those things so much!?

To-Do’s – One thing I’ve really been noticing and working on is not putting things off. Saying I’ll do that later, I’ll do that tomorrow, etc. Nope, the time is now, just do it. It makes your life so much more SIMPLE and less stressful if you just do the dang thing. Empty the dishwasher, reply to the text, just freaking do it!

So those are my areas that I’m working on, in what areas can you simplify?!

What are some things you’ve done or are currently doing to simply your life?  Let me know in a comment below!