My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Love Hate Relationship

Ok ladies….the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming and in my opinion it’s always way over hyped. Scroll down for my honest thoughts on this sale!

I definitely have a Nordstrom Sale love hate relationship! But that doesn’t mean I don’t shop it every year – ha! So I just wanted to chat a little bit about it and share what’s on my wishlist!

Thoughts on. the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shared by top Nashville fashion blogger, Pearls and Twirls

Blank NYC faux leather jacket that has been an NSale fav for a few years now!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Why the Hype?!

If you’re not a name brand shopper or department store shopper you’re probably like me and thinking, I don’t get why everyone loves it that much?! The deals aren’t THAT good?! But I will say, as I’ve gotten older I do really value having a few really quality pieces in my closet. Like nice jeans, a nice pair of booties, a great jacket, a killer pair of leather leggings (that don’t fall apart after a few wears), ya know just a few really quality pieces. And I will say the Nordstrom Sale is GREAT for buying those things! And that’s what I’ll be buying this year.

One of my biggest reasons for having a Nordstrom Sale love hate relationship is I think it’s really easy to get caught up in the “sale” mindset! Thinking, it’ll sell out, the price is going to go up! Not to mention if you follow a lot of bloggers and they’re ALL POSTING ABOUT THE SAME THINGS you feel left out, like you need one too right?! Not quite. I promise they’ll stop posting about it once it’s not on sale and you’ll forget about it. I’ll admit I get wrapped up in it too, but most of the times when I want something I’ll ask myself, do I want this because I LOVE it? Or do I want this because everyone has it?! And that’s my answer if it goes in my cart or not. So take that little tip with you while you’re shopping! (read my post from last year on how to avoid NSale FOMO!)

There are a ton of cute things like sweaters and cardigans, Free People pieces and graphic tees but honestly I’m never OBSESSED with those kinds of things and those are the pieces I like to shop locally, from small businesses anyway. So I really try to stick to like quality basics or anything super trendy from Topshop that I might not find anywhere else. And that’s really all I shop from the sale!

What I’m Shopping in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This year I’ve got my eye on a few different things that I’m excited to try out! First up…

BEST Under $100 JEANS

I’ve officially moved on from skinny jeans. Buh bye! Wide leg, straight leg and cropped flares are all I’m interested in! So I have a few wide leg jeans that I’m going to try out and I think I’m going to order at least one more pair of levis. I loved mine last year!


It’s not fall without a great pair of boots right?! I’ve worn a few of mine into the ground, I’m really hard on shoes so I refuse to pay full price for them! I have a few pairs of Marc Fischer ones that I like but I also really LOVE these combat boots with the pearls. It’s like the perfect mix for me! I’ve been loving the Doc Martin comeback but I just don’t know if they’re my vibe. But add some pearls, I could definitely rock some pearl combat boots!


So I LOVE a good coat. Like I really love them and have wayyy too many! But of course I fell in love a few from the sale. I have the Blank NYC faux leather one (it’s SUCH a good deal!) but it’s a little stiff for my liking. I may try out this Levis one and see if I like it better? And then this fringe one I just can’t handle – just help me pick the color? Black or firey?!


I also did of course find a few other things I really loved in the sale! I’m definitely pulling the trigger on these faux leather leggings. I bought some 4 years ago in the sale (seen here)and they’ve officially bit the dust. (quality leather leggings are def worth the price tag!) These two Daydreamer pieces are right up my alley – tie dye sweatshirt and this super cool graphic tee. Don’t need either but love them both. I also have and LOVE the silk scrunchies. They’re what I sleep with my hair in. They’re gentle and perfect for a gentle hair tie! And if you don’t want to spend $50 on scrunchies split it with some friends or keep some and save the others for gifts! I also have been living in sneakers and these nike ones are like my fav colors and under $50! The Brixton hat is definitely a summer piece but I have loved mine and it’s starting to get a little warped and I’ve never really seen it on sale so I may have to snag this one too!


I obviously won’t buy all of these but will definitely share what I end up buying with you guys. Are you shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?! What pieces are on your list? Let me know in the comments!

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