Hair Accessories Are Having a Moment

Hair accessories are having a BIG moment right now and I’m totally here for it. It’s inspiring me to branch out from my normal, everyday hair and try some new things. I’ll change up my outfits all day everyday but for some reason changing up my hair has never really been my thing. (ha!) So I’m excited to share some of my favorite hair accessories and share how I’m wearing them over the next few months! So stay tuned for lots more of the most popular hair accessories and tips on how to wear them. I’d love any and all feedback on which ones are your favorites and which ones ya’ll want to see here too!

So today I want to share two of my favorites that I’ve been loving, and some super easy ways to try out the trend!!

Two of the Most Popular Hair Accessories:

how to wear pearl hair clips

Pearl Hair Clips:

Pearl hair clips are everywhere right now! And they’re so cute! The “trendy” way to wear them is clipped in your hair right in the front. For me, this seemed a little intimidating clipping down any volume my hair might have making me look like a flat head, but since it’s so close to your face, the rest of your hair has plenty of room to breathe! So it ended up not making my hair look too different so I loved them like this! I also love sticking these in my air dried hair to give my unfixed hair the look of it being styled! They also look cute with your hair pulled back some and then also clipped in the back for a half up style. They’re just a super fun piece to play around with!

We have a set of three available at My Kind of Lovely for only $12! I just snagged the bobby pin versions and can’t wait to style those as well!

how to wear a hair scarf

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Hair Scarfs:

Hair scarves are the best for summer! You’re wearing a pony tail anyway, why not dress it up with a hair scarf?! There are so many different ways to wear them and I of course love how they can dress up any pony tail! High pony or low pony, they look so cute and are perfect for summer when you want your hair up anyway. I got this adorable Llama one from Poppie’s Boutique (I try to shop local as much as possible!) but there are a lot of cute ones on Amazon if you’re an Amazon shopper! (I love this little pink bandana one & there are so many different options here!)

the most popular hair accessories

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I also love a little headband scarf! I never wear them around the back of my hair (like underneath) because they never stay put for me. But I love that these can be worn more like a turban! They give a little boho vibe and I love that they give a fun feel to any outfit! Shop mine from H&M here!

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