Monat Wellness Products to Include in your Daily Routine

I’ve never really been one to be big on supplements and wellness products. I’ve just never taken the time to learn more about them, I’ve just always kinda thought, I’m healthy, I don’t need that. So I’m totally new to this, like brand spankin’ new! But when the Monat wellness products came out, I knew it was time for me to learn a little more!!

Monat Wellness Products by popular Nashville beauty blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of peach slices, a drink and a measuring spoon filled with a powder like substance.

Why Add in Wellness Products?

The Monat wellness products I’ve added into my routine have been very seamless to add in, but they’re also all great building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. They’re helping my gut health, boosting collagen production, getting more fruits and veggies in my diet and giving me an all natural afternoon pick me up! They’re all fab!

Monat Wellness Products I’ve Added into My Routine & Lifestyle:

Monat Total Greens

The Total Greens was the first one I really started using because it seemed very simple and I understood the reason behind adding it in. More greens in your diet = healthier diet and if I can drink them and it tastes good, GREAT! So what’s the deal with Total Greens? Total Greens is the ultimate daily superfood boost, offering a full spectrum of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetable powders plus dietary fiber to support energy, immune health, and glowing skin. All you do is mix it in with some water (or juice) and drink. It’s easy, it actually tastes good, done & done!

Monat Collagen Key

I’m so behind on the wellness train, I’ve only been using collagen for like 2 months before I started using the Monat Collagen Key! I finally bought some to start taking just before the wedding! But I will say the Monat Collagen Key is totally different than most collagens out there. Since Monat is a vegan brand, this collagen is not animal based, it is a collagen booster, so it’s helping your body create it’s own collagen.  It is a unique all-in-one formula that helps support the body’s natural production of collagen, adding strength and resilience to hair, skin, and nails. And it tastes the best of everything! I totally look forward to my collagen drink every day!

Monat Energy

Who doesn’t need something for that afternoon energy slump?! Enter Monat Energy! I’m not going to say I’ve kicked my Diet Coke habit completely but I will say since I have the energy sticks I don’t reach for an afternoon DC like I used to! These are pretty awesome, I’m not going to lie. They come in little single serve packets so you can take on the go with you, to the gym, to work, etc and just drop down in a water bottle super easily. Monat Energy is a delicious, all-natural drink mix that provides long-lasting energy to help you power through the day. There is no crash after these (like there totally is with my DC habit) and no caffeine jitters either. It’s great for mental alertness and focus and literally helps me power through a long day! They’re berry flavored too so they also taste great!

Monat Balance Pre+Probiotic

This is my last one to really get on board with. The Pre+Probiotic is a pill you take in the morning that will help with digestion and gut health. I’m not great at taking pills or remembering to do it at a certain time. This one you take with a full glass of water before your first meal of the day. What this pre+probiotic is, is a unique combination of pre-and-probiotics with a technologically advanced capsule-in-capsule delivery system to support gut, immune, and skin health. But why? I literally knew nothing about this so I wanted to share a little deeper into what this actually does for you…

The body normally has “good” or “helpful” bacteria and “bad” or “harmful” bacteria. Maintaining the proper balance between these bacteria is necessary for optimal health. Good bacteria thrive when we feed them a healthy diet rich in fiber from fruits and vegetables. However, bad bacteria proliferate in diets high in simple carbohydrates and refined sugar. That’s why prebiotics are just as important as probiotics. Prebiotics provide probiotics with the nourishment they need to thrive and function at their best.

So interesting right?! This past week I’ve really been trying hard to get on a good schedule of taking these so I can see if I can start to tell a difference!

Overall Monat Wellness Review

I will say I would likely not have really gotten into wellness if Monat didn’t launch a wellness line. I just wasn’t certain it was worth my time & money. But since a brand I trust & really love came out with a wellness line I thought it was definitely worth a shot. So overall I will say I haven’t really changed much of my eating habits lately but I do FEEL much better when I’m regularly taking these. It helps me drink more water, I’m drinking less (like way less) Diet Coke and overall I just feel good, have more energy and am more productive! So I will absolutely be continuing with my Monat Wellness journey and I can’t wait to take you along with me!

Have you tried any Monat wellness products yet?  Let me know in a comment below!