Goal Setting: May

Whew it seems like the months just keep going by faster and faster! Anyone else feel this way?! Ahh! Not only is it already May, it’s already almost halfway through May! I started the month wanting to focus on budgeting but realized I’m going to need a little prep work before I really dive in. Not to mention I also feel like some goals need a little longer than one month to really work on and learn so this month is going to be a light month to kind of regroup and go back over some of my previous monthly goals. I think May is a good time to really look back at the past 4 months and re-evaluate and maybe even re-set goals and re-focus. So what am I doing this month?

I’m going to breathe.

May Goals

I’m going to not push myself too hard yet try to really focus on my routines, focus on learning and focus on the overall goal. Big picture thinking is important too, ya know!

May Goal: Re-Set

I am really getting back into my Faster Way To Fat Loss routine and am really going to stay tight with my eating and working out. I’m going to work on getting up earlier and working out in the mornings. I’m going to continue to work on last month’s goal of batch working. And I’m going to work on being my most productive self while working, and letting go of work when I’m not working.

May Goal: Learn

I’m going to try to spend as much time as possible learning. Right now I have two educational books I’ve started yet haven’t made it all the way through. I’m going to put a big focus on reading and learning this month that way I can be sure and make time for it. Reading is usually my last priority but even by making small changes like, putting my phone up before bed and reading instead of scrolling, I can make a big dent in both of those books!

One of my favorite bloggers, Katey McFarlan, just posted a post about how to track your goals, and even had a downloadable habit tracker that I just downloaded and started using this week! She suggests using it for three different areas, personal, health and work, so here’s what I’m using it for.

Personal: Reading at least 1 chapter in a book every night. I have 4 on my bedside table just waiting for me to crack open!

Health: Stay really tight with the Faster Way to Fat Loss regime. I want to be sure I’m tracking my food daily and am getting my 5 workouts a week in.

Work: I’ve LOVED batch working! Seriously, once I get it down to a science I’m going to do a blog post on it. But for the time being I just want to continue batching and try to batch at least 1 thing a day. This will include My Kind of Lovely and Pearls & Twirls. And what I mean by batching at least 1 thing a day, is just sitting down and knocking out a week’s worth of something in a set, uninterrupted, timeframe.