January Intentions

I’m back to my intention setting for January and I’m pumped about it! (you can see some of my monthly intentions from last year here!) I have a million things I want to do this month and this year but I’m all about setting small attainable things first that add up to more big picture things! Last September I said I was going to do one thing per day that made me uncomfortable and I stuck to it and I saw some serious growth that month. Your monthly intentions can be small things, one big thing, one hard thing, whatever you want it to be, but if you’re intentional about your life each month, you can really start to see growth!

So I encourage ya’ll to set one or some for the rest of the month! I know I’m a little late on this but better late than never! Here are mine…

January Intentions

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No Spending On Anything But Essentials

I feel like after Christmas we’re all just in the habit of spending money that we just keep going! I’ve been browsing after Christmas sales and picking up random things that are totally not necessary so now’s the time to reel it in! No unnecessary spending the entire month of January!

Read a Little Bit Everyday

I have two books started right now and really want to keep them up! Reading every morning is a goal of mine but if I really make it a MUST I think I can make it become a habit. So going to really try to read even just for 10 mins a day, every day this month.

Do One Fun Thing Every Week

Jared and I are both enneagram 3s and we are workers. Even before I knew what the enneagram was we would always joke that we’re both just workers. We’re always finding something to do (there’s always something when you both own multiple businesses) but we need to slow down a little bit too. SO even if it’s just going out for a walk or dinner other than our normal places, taking some time each week or weekend to rest, relax, do something fun or do something together is a must!

Clean Out One Room Per Week

Now that I have a least 20 hours back per week from not driving as much, I feel like I can get SO MUCH done around the house! We have some big plans for the year but first up is clean out. The goal is to clean out at least one room per week. Even if it’s just a closet or the bathroom, one room has to be cleaned out per week! We’ll be rockin’ & rollin’ by spring if we keep it up!

Mine are pretty simple intentions to get me back in the groove after quite a bit of change and a couple exhausting months. I’m really excited getting back into the swing of things! If you set some intentions make sure to share with me over on instagram! I’d love to hear!


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