How To Reduce Damage to Your Hair

One of the most common problems I hear when talking to people about their hair is – “it just won’t stop breaking off!” And honestly that’s where I was when I started using Monat 3 years ago. And I’ll be honest I’ve learned a lot about how to reduce damage to your hair so I wanted to pass all my tips and tricks along to you!

I have always kept my hair long and have always loved my long hair. BUT I also have always loved my hair blonde as well. Why should we have to choose between the two?! I refuse to accept that I can’t have long, color processed hair past a certain age because all of a sudden my hair won’t stop breaking off! There is another way!!hair glow up

This was what my hair looked like before I started using Monat. I kept going shorter because my ends were pretty broken and I had just gotten to the point where I didn’t really love my hair anymore. I’ve always had thick, healthy hair but it was just getting pretty eh. So I purchased from who? A girl who had long, gorgeous, thick hair and the rest is history!

Enough about my story let’s talk about how this can help you too. There’s a LOT of tips I’ve learned over the past 3 years to share with y’all! So first we’re going to start with products and then we’ll go into techniques & tips because products can only take you so far.

How To Reduce Damage To Your Hair with Products

MONAT is an anti-aging, plant based haircare line. It’s different than anything else on the market as its main purpose is to target what happens to our hair & scalp as we age. If you’re in your 30s and feeling like your hair has changed as you’ve gotten older – it has! Our hair and scalp ages just like our skin does. It can become more dry and brittle, it starts to thin and of course, it starts to turn grey. There are lots of things you can do to reduce the effects of aging hair & scalp.

MONAT’s products are great for all hair types but let’s talk about damage specific products.

Damage Repair Line – Monat has a brand new haircare line that is specific to repairing damage. Yep, repairing, not just preventing it. This line has ingredients in it that help heal your hair from damage and help strengthen your hair to prevent further damage and breakage. They’ve even come up with a new technology that pulls your split ends back together. I’m telling you- it’s amazing!

Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo: This shampoo strengthens and repairs damaged hair while hydrating, reducing friction & delivering shine. Hair is 47% stronger, it repairs and reinforces hair bonds three layers deep & immediately reduces breakage and strengthens hair fibers for improved elasticity.

Damage Repair Bond Building Treatment: This water-gel serum acts as a treatment to strengthen and repair damaged hair. Used in place of a daily conditioner, this hair treatment primes tresses to immediately reinforce bonds, improving the elasticity and condition of strands. This reduces breakage by 97%!

Damage Repair Bond Support Masque: This lusciously creamy, coconut-infused masque deeply conditions and treats hair from the inside out. Reduces hair breakage by 95%. Hair is 90% smoother for effortless detangling. Instantly hydrates hair and increases shine by 50%

Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-In Crème: This rich leave-in crème treats, strengthens and conditions hair from the inside out, making it easy to detangle and style. It protects from heat styling and environmental elements while giving shine. Reduces hair breakage by 97%. Reduces frizz by 79% in high-humidity conditions. Increases shine by 75%*

how to reduce hair damage

How To Reduce Damage with Techniques:

  • After you wash your hair use a microfiber towel to dry your hair, it’s more gentle on your hair. And use a wet brush & a detangler when you brush your hair out, always starting to brush at the ends and working your way up your head. When your hair is wet it’s the most fragile, so just be as gentle as possible when working your hair when wet.
  • HEAT! Turn your hot tools down and ALWAYS use a heat protectant on your hair. Monat’s heat protectant is plant based and is really great for your hair. Other heat protectants use silicone in them and create a lot of buildup on your hair which can lead to breakage and damage further down the road. If you’re shopping for a heat protectant in the store steer clear of ones with silicone!!
  • When you’re wearing your hair up, if possible use the most gentle hair ties, like silk scrunchies! These are great for wearing your hair up for bed or for cute hairstyles! The gentler, the better! I very rarely use those clear tiny elastics because they seem to tangle and break my hair easily.
  • Sleep on silk pillowcases. These cause less friction and will cause less mechanical breakage to your hair.

I hope these tips are helpful! There are lots of really great ways to reduce damage to your hair and help you get the long, thick, full hair you’ve always wanted!

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