March Intentions: Pearls & Twirls

One of my favorite things each month is setting a new intention! Lately I’ve been a little behind on getting them posted and decided on (so I’m already working on picking out April’s!). But this month it’s putting an extra focus over here, on Pearls & Twirls. I’m super excited about it too! So my March intention is to take a month to put a deeper focus on the blog! To be honest, once I was spending most of my days working from home I totally expected to knock blogging out of the park! But turns out it wasn’t happening because I just wasn’t prioritizing it like I have in the past. But that changes this month!

For this month’s intention I’m really planning to focus a lot of time over here with new posts, some brand/site updates (yay!) and just getting back into my groove with blogging.

To be honest, I get why a lot of bloggers have turned into just instagrammers. That’s where the eye balls are EVERYDAY and it’s so much easier to communicate right there in the app. I literally always said I’d never be that person because this is my platform, but I get it- it’s so much easier! I got in to the insta habit and out of the blogging habit- but that stops now! I’m excited to get back into it!

**Would ya’ll like to know how/why it’s so important for bloggers or “influencers” to have an actual blog they update?! If you’d be interested in that let me know and I’ll do a full post on it. There are LOTS of reasons why a website is very important.**

So it’s time to amp up the content here! My goal is to provide really great content here for you guys and get back to being super consistent and I’m so excited about that! BUT I’d love to hear from Y-O-U! I put together a super quick reader survey that I would so appreciate it if you would take 3 mins to take! I’m going to choose 10-20 people to send some goodies to for taking it too!

Thank you for following, thank you for coming back (even through my inconsistency) and THANK YOU for your feedback! I would seriously love to hear any and all feedback you have! xoxoxo!


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