How To Layer Your Skincare

Since making the switch to Monat skincare I’ve been learning more and more about the products, about ingredients and about how to properly use your skincare, including how to layer your skincare.

One of the most common asked questions when people start getting more serious with their skincare is, how do I use it all together? In what order do I apply it in? So today we’re talking how to layer your skincare properly for the best results!

Valid question and it’s actually very important to know how to layer your skincare properly so that it works together the way it’s supposed to! You don’t want to put your expensive serums on top of your creams because it’s harder for a serum to penetrate through a cream and get to your skin. Make sense?!

I made this super easy guide for my Monat customers but thought it could be helpful for everyone! Screenshot or save this post for later so you never have to question the order again!

how to layer your skincare

Step 1: Cleanser

First you gotta clean your face! Use the cleanser of your choice- a great one would be one customized to your skin type. I rotate between the Be Purified & Be Balanced Monat cleansers. You also need to cleanse your face twice. The first wash will remove dirt, makeup and anything else on top of your skin. Then the second wash will actually cleanse your face and get it super clean and ready for the following steps. When I have makeup on I always use the Makeup Vanishing Balm for my first cleanse & then my cleanser for the second.

Step 2: Scrub

You won’t use a scrub every day, but when you do use it’s great to use after you cleanse but before all the following steps. After you cleanse so your face is clean but before everything else so that your skin is exfoliated and ready for the following steps. I use and LOVE the Monat Berry Scrub! I use it once a week and my face feels heavenly afterwards!

Step 3: Essence

Essence waters are becoming more and more popular these days. This is my favorite step in my skincare routine! This is a miracle water that preps your skin for the products that will follow. It’s a beauty water that was derived from Asian beauty regimens that has made its way into a lot of American beauty lines more recently. You can read more about them in this article. It’s a great, revitalizing prep step in your routine that gets your skin ready for the most important anti aging step, your serums.

Step 4: Serums

Next you’ll do your serums. Vitamin C Serum, Retinol or any anti aging serum will come next. I use my Vitamin C Serum in the morning and then my Age Rewind Nectar and Vegan Retinol in the evenings. This step is crucial for all the anti-aging goodness in your skincare.

Step 5: Eye Cream

You’ll add your eye cream next. Dab gently on your under eyes with your ring finger and be super gentle with that delicate skin.

Step 6: Moisturizer

Next step will be your moisturizer. I use a lightweight moisturizer for day and then a night cream moisturizer at night.

Step 7: SPF

Your last step will be your SPF. Protect that skin and wear it EVERYDAY! I did a whole post on why you should wear your SPF every day, indoors or outdoors, summer or winter here!

I hope this post is helpful! It’s a great guideline regardless of what skincare products you’re using. You can also see my full morning skincare routine and night time skincare routine blog posts if you’d like more details on the products I personally use. And if you’re ever interested in trying out the Monat skincare line for yourself always feel free to message me! I’ll help you get a killer discount and help you pick out the perfect routine for your skin type!