How To Crop Your Shirts at Home

Love tee shirts but hate the way they lay and bunch?! Have the cutest little top but it’s awkwardly long? Or that one top that every time you move it bunches in a weird way? My go to is just grab some scissors and chop it exactly where I want it! It’s basically my answer to fixing any weird fitting top I own. I crop them all! So here’s a few tips on how to crop your tops & tees a few different ways!

How to Crop Tee Shirts:

I have two ways I crop my tees. More of a cropped fit that’s pretty short but perfect for a cute, styled outfit & great with shorts! This is how I cropped the Neon Moon tee below. It must be worn with high waisted bottoms but makes for such a cute outfit! How I cropped the Dolly tee is a longer and more casual. I didn’t want it too short and still want to wear this one pretty casual. But now has a cute raw hem if I wear it untucked with jeans or shorts and it also does a much better/easier front tuck with a lot less material.

How to Crop Your Tops & Tees

{tees from My Kind of Lovely}

How to Crop Non Tee Shirt Tops

I loved the color of this top and the cool vertical ribbing, but I literally hate how it lays! It’s boxy and bunches up all the time. When I tuck it, it’s just too much material. That means it’s time to crop! I did this one pretty short and cropped but I LOVE how it turned out! It’s literally just what it needed!

How To Crop Your Shirts at Home, tips featured by top Nashville life and style blogger, Pearls and Twirls

And this next one was almost a fail, but I’m still going to rock it! It has an interesting shape, as you can see from the before, so it wasn’t a clear cut straight across. It’s also a more stretch material which is much harder to cut so my cuts are uneven, but it’s still fine! The thing about cropping is most times you can’t really tell if it’s super crooked, you just rock it!

How To Crop Your Shirts at Home, tips featured by top Nashville life and style blogger, Pearls and Twirls

No shirt is off limits! Literally almost everything can be cropped. If there’s a top you like but it just doesn’t fit right, a lot of times just a little cropping action can totally change it! Want to see exactly how I crop mine? I have a full video on how I actually cut and crop my tees and tops on IGTV! Check it out below! Happy cropping!



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