Heart Happy: Vol 17

Whew! What. A. Week! The weeks have been flying by! I’ve got quite a few things to be happy about lately so I’m just going to hit a few of my current favorites.

Tribal & Stone Sneak Peek

{Sneak Peek at a post coming next week!}

Currently Looking Forward To: I’m getting out of town next weekend for a much needed blogger get together! Jess & I are hosting a fun little Southern Blog Society regional meet up in Nashville and I can’t wait to be reunited with some of my favorites and meet some new friends!

Currently Listening To: The new Grace Potter Album. My obsession with her is realll. (Don’t remind me that I’ll be out of town when she’s in Knoxville next month. wahhhh.)

Currently Planning: I have a few trips up my sleeve for the rest of the year but the big one is I’m going to Palm Springs in January for my bestie’s 30th birthday! This calls for the perfect Palm Springs wardrobe. duh. (Guess I better step up my pinterest game)

Currently Obsessed: Renting my designer sunglasses. I’ve mentioned it in a few posts but I’m seriously obsessed with Ditto’s Endless Eyewear program! I’ve got my second pair en route and I can’t wait for them to arrive! You can rent any available designer shades for $19/month and your first month is on me! Use code PEARLSANDTWIRLS for your first month free!

Current DIY: Ya know those lace up flats everyone’s wearing these days? This DIY looks easy and gets you a pair of lace up look a likes for under $35!

Current Blog Crush: Carrie Bradshaw Lied. Snapchat really is a game changer in the blogging world and now I’m obsessed with and want to be friends with Kathleen.

Current Stalker Read: Speaking of Snapchat, if you follow Liz from Late Afternoon (one of my all time favorites) you may have seen her hot tub snapchat/instagram drama. My comment on this: people are cray. Bloggers are just normal people so why do strangers feel the need to comment on what they should and shouldn’t post on social media? Just stop. Buuut what I love about this? She left the hater’s comments up, commented back to them and moved on. Made me love her so much more!

Current/Forever Can’t Miss: Peach Love Travel Bug!  Don’t forget to check out and keep up with Caroline’s blog! (Oh, and she’s a good one to follow on snapchat! 😉 username: carolinegillem)

Happy Friday!