Heart Happy: Vol 14

I feel like I say this every week but man did this week fly by! Lots going on over at My Kind of Lovely (a fun #lovelygrad photoshoot included), I’ve got twirling team tryouts coming up in the next few weeks so my evenings are packed with baton lessons and I’m really pushing myself to stay on top of my posting. That makes for some pretty jam packed weeks! One thing I’ve totally fallen off the wagon with is all that working out talk I talked about a while back. Now I know we all have those unmotivated moments but summer will be here before we know it! Just in case anyone needs an extra happy dose of workout motivation like I do here’s what I’m doing to get back on track!


I’m thinking one new, cute outfit might be a good reward for getting my butt up in the mornings and going for a run. These colorful crops and this cute flowy tank will do the trick! Now I just have to stick to that schedule….

Knoxville girls, I tried TurboSpin and I’m obsessed! I think I’m going to try out a package and if you would like a full review, let me know! I’m definitely better at the sign up for a class and show up workout lifestyle than the DIY ones so hopefully this will be a great kickstart. Not to mention if I pay for it I do it.

I loved reading Grace’s 10 Easy Ways To be Healthier. While I wouldn’t necessarily say some of those things are eaaasssy (I think cooking & meal prep is very hard – ha!) but I do think they’re much easier than I think they are. Drinking water and walking more are definitely quite easy, so I just need to do them!

Which also brings me to my fitbit. Another great & easy way to track everything you do. I’m going to start logging my food & water in my fitbit and am going to try my best to hit those 10,000 steps a day. I’ve come super close the past 2 days but didn’t make it a priority to walk Romeo a little longer a night and that’s all it would have taken.

And when all else fails, my bod will always be caftan ready. This article sounds about like me and my friends and sounds much better than the 4 Weeks To Bikini Body articles that are currently on news stands. Enjoy!

And Happy Friday!