Five Things

I’m kind of loving this “5 things” thing that’s going on in the blogosphere. It’s fun to see bloggers a little bit out of their element and sharing a few things about them they wouldn’t normally share.  I was tagged by Julie and Sarah so here are my 5 things! Enjoy!

1. I’m obsessed with my friends.  Ok, I know this probably isn’t groundbreaking because I’m pretty sure everyone loves their friends and thinks they’re the most fun, hilarious group of friends ever but I totally think mine win.  We’re weird.  Like really weird.  Like it’s mandatory that we all speak in a strange accent when we get together weird. Ok, it’s not mandatory like mean girls “you can’t sit with us” mandatory but mandatory that we physically can’t speak normal.  We’re weird and I’m obsessed. Weird is good.

2. I would pay lotsa money to be a morning person.  I truly wish I was a morning person, ya know, like the ones who don’t press snooze 10 million times just to wake up in a panic, rush to work putting make up on in the car, people?  Yeah…I wish.

3. I cram way too much into my schedule at any given time. In the month of April I’m working my full time job, volunteering for Knoxville Fashion Week once a week, plan to post new blog posts 4x a week, coaching a middle school twirling team 2 nights a week, regularly meet with my weekly bible study (and do the homework) and am a camper at a morning bootcamp.  Whew..

4. I have always been obsessed with putting together outfits and Mary Kate and Ashley. Even when they were making those corny teenage movies I would watch over and over and write down every. single. outfit. they wore and try to put together a similar look from clothes in my closet.

5. I feel like I’m pretty adventurous and very rarely say no to trying out something new.  Scuba diving with sharks? Yeah! Trapezing? Uhh ok! (this one ended not so pretty) Motorcycle license? Sure! Handgun Carry Permit? I guess I need that! Jumping off a 50 ft. bridge? Heck yeah! I think I’ll draw the line at jumping out of an airplane though.  I just don’t think I can.

Those are my 5 things! Now I’m tagging Jen, Alex, Morgan, Jessica and Emily