New Favorite Accessory: Face Mask Chains

Meet my new favorite 2020 accessory: face mask chains. Or mask necklace, call it what you want but it’s a game changer! I keep my masks hung by the back door and when I’m running out I can just grab one and throw it around my neck and there is no more losing your mask, leaving it in a car, forgetting about it or standing outside of Target rummaging through your purse. It’s literally been a lifesaver for me lately!

Mask Chains by popular Nashville life and style blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of a woman wearing a pearl face mask chain, jeans, leopard print mask and champagne colored sweater.

I especially love it when I’m out running errands for the day. You’re in and out of places, your hands are always full and a mask is literally the most annoying thing to keep up with!! But when it’s nicely hung around your neck it makes life so much easier!

Where Can You Get Mask Chains?

We just got a bunch over at My Kind of Lovely!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Gold & Silver Paperclip Chains – This one is the most popular, goes with everything mask chain. Get either gold or silver depending on what kind of jewelry you typically wear and you’re good to go! The gold option comes in a longer length and a shorter length depending on how far down you want it to sit. I like the longer length because I have long hair and the shorter just seemed like a lot all at my chest (ha) so I like it to hang a little lower. If you have kids though, I feel like the shorter one may be best for you so it’s not hanging down low? Either way, you can’t go wrong and you’re going to want one for every mask you have!

Resin Links – If you love a good statement piece and want something fun, the resin links are so good! I love that they’re really lightweight and pretty small still so they’re not going to get in your way, but they are definitely a cute addition! We have a few different color options, so you can match your favorite masks or your everyday outfits, either one!

Beaded – We have a gold & pearl beaded option that are SO cute! I think these might just be my favorite! They’re so pretty and the chain part is elastic, so they’re super easy to wear around.

I seriously love them all and they almost made me a little excited to wear a mask! ha! And I saved the best part for last! They just clip onto the straps of your mask, so if you just love the chain as a necklace, just clip the two clasps together and it’s a necklace! So fun & great for when mask wearing goes away one day!

If you want to order one make sure to use my code: PEARLSANDTWIRLS for 15% off your order at My Kind of Lovely!

Do you own any face mask chains?  Let me know in a comment below!