Don’t Have Nordstrom Sale FOMO

Oh Heyyy Nordstrom Anniversary sale season! When everyone freaks out about shopping fall clothes but it’s just getting to be 100 degrees outside with 100% humidity in Tennessee and I can’t even look at a winter coat without sweating. Great to see ya again!

{one of my favorite Nordstrom Sale purchases was this faux leather jacket – shop a similar one from Topshop this year! I styled it 4 ways on the blog too!}

I will say Nordstrom is a genius with this sale because it basically kicks off the fall shopping season across the board in the world of retail. We still have a few summer-y things coming to My Kind of Lovely and while we’ll still be wearing summer clothes in Tennessee until October I know people stop buying summer right about now. Vacations are coming to a close and back to school shopping is about to kick into gear so here we are- shopping fall the beginning of July – yay!

Don’t Have Nordstrom Sale FOMO

I do love shopping the sale to get a kick start on my fall and winter shopping but I also think a lot of times the sale is way overrated. You’re shopping things MONTHS before you’ll actually wear them and in reality, if they’re still in stock they’ll get marked down in a couple of months anyway. So I stick to basic items that I know I’ll wear all fall and winter (like a leather jacket, great brown booties, etc.) I don’t typically do any trendy things and I have learned to be super cautious with the shoes. I don’t like the Zella leggings that everyone raves about, I don’t like spanx leggings, I don’t like flat shoes and I don’t need a $100 cashmere cardigan. So I just remember what I need (not much at all) and stick to my guns when shopping the sale!

Even though the sale is crammed down your throat, don’t have Nordstrom Sale FOMO. Don’t feel like you’re missing out by not shopping the sale. And if you are shopping – remember your style, remember your budget, and try not to feel the pressure to shop your heart out!

Also, if you don’t have the funds to shop it right now, don’t feel like you have to. If you don’t need anything that’s in the sale, don’t buy just because everyone else is. If you’re going to go into credit card debt to shop the sale, IT’S NOT ON SALE! Just remember that!

So with all those cautions, I thought I’d share what I picked up and what’s on my wishlist right now.

What I Bought from the Nordstrom Sale:

Marc Fisher Unique Booties: I really wanted the white but they sold out before I could purchase so I got the “Light Natural Leather” they look blush pink which I didn’t necessarily want (shocker I know) so I’ll see how I really like the color when they come in. I don’t have a pair of nice, dressy booties so I thought these were perfect. I love the style and have been wanting a nice pair of Marc Fishers. So we’ll see how I like when they come in! (I’m also watching the white for a restock!)

Fleece Lined Quilted Utility Jacket: I actually saw this on Shelby from Glitter & Gingham and instantly knew I needed! It’s a great price point and I’ve been needing a lightweight, easy to throw on, casual jacket for winter. For the most part, especially in the winter, I’m pretty dressed down for running around and this is perfect. A great weight, can be worn casual but also dressed up, and looks so comfy & layerable. Unfortunately the blush color sold out quick so I snagged a small in the green. It’s only available in an XS right now but I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know if they restock!

Commando Faux Leather Leggings: Ok these are sold out too. So sorry to share such popular items with ya’ll! Shelby also shared these and said they’re her go-to faux leather leggings and I’ve been needing a new pair. I tried the spanx leggings and while I know everyone loves them, I just wasn’t in love with them. So I thought I’d try these! Again- I’ll let ya’ll know if I like and if they restock!

What I Also Love in the Sale:

This is all I’ve ordered so far. I do still have a few things that are on my wishlist, but I’m not just going to buy to buy. I’m in LOVE with this Free People sweater, but I think we can probably find something for MKL that’s very similar and under $50, so it’s not a necessity. I also have always loved this jacket but everyone has it so I try to talk myself out of it each year because I hate having something that everyone has. If I do buy anything else, it will be this Free People coat (I kinda LOVE) and these Levis jeans (loving this style right now and haven’t tried Levis yet) but I think that’s it!

With all that said, have fun shopping (or not shopping and saving your dollas!) And I’d love to hear what you pick up! I’ll leave a few of my favorite items below so you can scroll through. Happy Shopping!

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