Dick’s House of Sport in Knoxville

I am so excited to share today’s post! The new Dick’s House of Sport is officially open in Knoxville and it’s AMAZING! This is a brand new concept and the Knoxville store is the second one they’ve opened so far! So cool! I’ve been twice now and both times it was packed so the Knoxvillians are already loving it, which is great! Here’s a quick recap of what I loved about the new Dick’s House of Sport store.

dicks house of sport

GREAT Women’s Brands

There are so many wonderful women’s athletic brands out there but not many you can go in and try on. I mean I love some nike, under armor and adidas but we’re ready for some new lines, right?! Dicks House of Sport carries Free People Movement, Calia by Carrie Underwood, Roxy, Billabong, Vans and more! So many great brands that I haven’t seen in athletic stores. It was so great to be able to try things on and really find the perfect pieces and the perfect fit for workout clothing. All these great new brands and new outfits have me totally inspired to get back to pushing myself & my workouts!

calia by carrie at dicks house of sport

Activities For the Whole Family

They have so many interactive areas of the store. They have a 40 foot tall rock climbing wall, a golf simulator, batting cage simulator, and an outdoor track. They’ll be having lots of local events for kids and adults at the store too, which I really love!

Try Before You Buy

So there’s nothing worse than buying a pair of shoes that feel like they fit, then getting home and going for a run and they kill your feet right!? Dick’s has this figured out! You can literally try anything out before you buy! Take a bike out to the track and ride it around, they have turf for you to try your cleats out on, they have treadmills in the dressing room areas if you want to give your new shoes or running outfit a whirl before you take it home with you. This is something I’ve never really heard of or thought of when it comes to buying anything athletic, but it’s a genius concept. They truly have gone above and beyond to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want when you come in their store. And I really appreciate that!

fp movement at dicks house of sport

{Wearing a FP Movement set}


They even have wellness products! I love that they’re really incorporating the entire healthy living lifestyle into their store. They have healthy drinks and wellness products and they even feature the local favs, Cruz Farm’s milks! Not to mention it’s all cute and instagramable too!

dicks house of sport knoxville

Overall the new store is amazing. Their official grand opening is this weekend with a LOT of fun events happening. If you have time this weekend you should definitely go check it out! Check out their website for this weekend’s event schedule and for any upcoming events that may be happening soon!