Finding Creativity Outside Your Industry

Happy Monday! I thought I’d share something a little different today. A little creative story….

So I started out “style blogging” forever ago. I followed other style bloggers and fashion bloggers and got so much inspiration from their outfits. This was before instagram and the whole thing was a big deal and before you literally just went and bought what other people were wearing. Pinterest was just taking off and we loved following girls for outfit ideas and I loved trying out new outfits and getting inspiration from those girls.

Well, times have changed and there are so many fashion & style bloggers out there. (me included!) I’ve lately been realizing that, while I love following other fashion bloggers and blogger friends online, it’s just the SAME OLD STUFF day in and day out. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m lumping myself into this too, but you can literally only see so many cute girls in cute outfits before it becomes boring.

Which is one of the reasons I’m slowly working on taking things over here in a slightly different direction, but I’m just trying to figure it all out!

In my quest to change up my content and my instagram feed, I’ve been looking outside my industry and what “everyone else is doing” for where I get my inspo from. I’ve unfollowed a lot but I also have found a lot of new things and instagram feeds that totally inspire me! So I thought I’d share a few of them. The main thing about these accounts, is that they’re mostly outside of the traditional “fashion” space. They’re all different and unique in their own way but I seriously love them all! I want to push myself to be more creative here, while also sharing more real life, real stories, etc. so you’ll see different aspects of these things in all of these! 

I hope ya’ll love these accounts as much as I do! Please let me know which ones you love too! 

Favorite Non-Traditional Fashion Bloggers to Follow

  1. West Desperado – Ok I thought I’d kick it off with one who’s in the fashion space but she’s Western Fashion and totally does her own thing and I love it. She’s one of my favorite accounts right now. She’s creative, always sharing and you can tell she’s very passionate about what she does.
  2. Five Marys Farms – I’m in love with this account. They’re a northern California ranch family and share so much of their ranch life. They have a farm to table restaurant, sell their meats and share life on the ranch and I love it so much.
  3. Lindsey Plevyak – This girl is a photographer and network marketer. I fell in love with her podcast and love her real, raw, go getter instagram posts. She’s a literal rockstar and I love following her journey.
  4. The Vintage Epicurean – Another fashion, but out of the box fashion account. I’m obsessed with everything Adrienne does! It’s editorial style, lots of vintage and the photos are perfection and gorgeous!
  5. The Jungalow – Boho homes with lots of color. Basically my dream homes in an instagram account. I love everything about their posts!
  6. Meaghan McBell – Her bio says 50% glam, 50% granola and I love that. She takes beautiful outdoor photos in a “glam” way. She’s a creative photographer and an outdoorsy girl and I love to see what she creates.
  7. Morgan Harper Nichols – You’ve probably seen one of her gorgeous quotes floating around the internet. She writes the most beautiful quotes and poems that are written from other people’s stories. It’s so beautiful!
  8. Callaghan Creative – This photographer is based in Canada, I found her through shooting West Desparado, but she shoots some amazing photos including some gorgeous ranch photos I mean look at those longhorn shots!
  9. Alexis Teichmiller – I loved her podcast, the Laptop Lifestyle, which she’s no longer doing, but I love her as a real, genuine person to follow. She’s all about vulnerability and sharing real life. She lives in Nashville and I love her voice, her photos and everything about her!
  10. Taylor Sterling – I’ve followed Taylor for YEARS – like probably almost 10 years and she continues to be someone I love to follow. She founded the The Glitter Guide, used to have a fashion and style blog and now on her instagram she just shows a behind the scenes look at her life. She’s got a very vintage vibe, yet is very connectable for me, and that’s why I love her!

Favorite Fashion/Style Instagram Accounts I Follow

And because I can’t leave out my one true love, fashion/style accounts, there are a few that are currently on the top of my list! They’re unique and different but more of the traditional fashion and style blogger accounts. 

  1. Tezza – Tezza is always killing it and I’m sure is at the top of everyone’s lists these days. I love her for her perspective in photography. She’s always trying something new and her posts are 100% out of the box.
  2. Livviedix – This Nashville cutie is killing it! I love all her photos, they’re bright, fun, unique and I just genuinely love following her. 
  3. Paige Arminta – Her photos are unique, she incorporates a lot of movement in them which I love and I always feel inspired by her work!
  4. Jessica Gill – She’s a fashion blogger with a little bit of western style and lives on a ranch in Wyoming. I just love her style and love what she shares!

Hope ya’ll gave some of these ladies a follow, and I hope you find just as much creativity and inspiration from them as I do! xoxo!