Let’s Talk Healthy Hair

If you could change one thing about your hair, what would it be? I think we all have a love/hate relationship with our hair. We love it when it cooperates and looks good, we hate it when it doesn’t. But let’s say you could give your hair a complete 180 in 3-6 months? Whatever it is that you dislike about your hair you could change?

Well strap in girl friend, because I’ve got the products for you! Back in November I started using an all natural hair care line and I can see it transforming my hair. It’s lighter & more bouncy. My curl holds for daysss. It’s more full and voluminous. And those pesky broken hairs in the back that won’t go into my pony tail are finally starting to grow! #ridtherattail

I’m full on obsessed and am finding myself buying new products every few weeks because they’re all just THAT good!

So what is it?

The company is called Monat and it’s amazing! You may have heard of them, you may have had a random stranger DM you on instagram about them (sorry about that – don’t think that’s all of us), or you may have no clue about them. So here’s a quick about…

More about Monat

Monat is an all natural hair care line. It’s the only one of it’s kind in the market and all their products are free of butane, propane, silicones, parabens, and all that gross stuff you’re probably currently putting in your hair. When I realized I’m literally spraying BUTANE directly on my scalp (to be absorbed into my head) with my dry shampoo I realized I needed to re-evaluate my products.

Not only are these clean hair products, but they heal your hair from the inside out. They truly can transform your hair. I’ve been coloring my hair consistently for almost 20 years. 20 YEARS! And while I have an amazing hair stylist (that said heck no, when I wanted to go platinum ha) and she has taken great care of my hair, 20 years of bleaching does create some damage. I’ve felt like my hair wasn’t growing and that it was becoming a little lifeless. No volume or body, just limp curls. And the transformation has been crazy. I’ve been using the products since November, so right around 3 months and I know my hair is still healing, but I’m so happy with the progress it’s made and the change in my hair!

Happy, healthy, more manageable hair equals a less stressful life for this girl! One less thing to worry about when you know your hair is going to look good!

I’ll be sharing lots more about Monat and sharing my hair transformation in the coming months so stay tuned! I’m excited to share more and help you guys get better hair too! You can take the free hair quiz that will help you determine which products will be best for your hair. If you want to know more or would like to try out some samples, email me any time at pearlsandtwirlsblog@gmail.com or just send me a DM on insta! I want to help you get better hair too!

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Photography by Sarah McAffry