Blogging 101: Taking Photos With a Tripod

How to Take Tripod Photos

So probably the #1 question I get asked is, “who takes your photos?” And everyone is always shocked when I respond with, “me.” Yep. Almost all of the photos you see here are taken by myself! My mom occasionally takes them and I really wish I could be organized enough where I could take 5-6 outfits at once with my mom but I just can’t seem to get it together to do that. So I take them on my own schedule and I take them myself. It’s all just a part of it now. And honestly, it’s pretty dang rewarding too! I’m proud of my photos!

So how do I do this? Well I’ve definitely learned a lot after taking my own photos on a tripod for close to 2 years now so I thought I’d share the wealth with you guys! It’s a great and affordable way to do outfit photos if you own a DSLR. Tripods and remotes are pretty inexpensive and then it’s just a lot of trial and error from there. Today I’m going to share a few essentials & tips for getting great shots!

Essentials For Great Tripod Photos:

  • DSLR Camera with compatible remote
  • Tripod (doesn’t have to be fancy, I actually prefer my cheap one over my nice one! I use this $20 one from Best Buy.)

Tips For Great Tripod Photos:

  • Learn your tripod. It took me far too long to realize you could extend the base higher therefore eliminating cutting the top of my head off in waist up photos!

Chopped Head Tripod Photos

{So many photos like these! They’re not terrible, but I was much more limited!}

  • Learn how your camera works with the remote. I had heard about this magical 2 second delay setting but couldn’t get mine to work. When I realized it had to be set on the camera, not the remote it was groundbreaking! (and that was like a month ago)

2 Second Delay Tripod Photos

{Both hands are remote free!}

  • Even though the 2 second delay is great, I still like having the remote in my hands some for fast shooting and moving/posing. So learn how to hold that remote so it’s hidden.

Remote Behind Skirt

{I’ve mastered the right arm behind the leg/skirt.}

Remote Behind Purse

{And even the behind the purse, under the clutch!}

  • Try to shoot straight on. Like straight down a sidewalk, straight on a wall, etc. It’s much easier to align yourself dead center of something then it is at an angle! (I have hundreds of blurry photos to vouch for this!)

Straight On

{I focused the camera in the dead center of the stairs and the sidewalk and made sure I stood in the center and got to snapping!}

  • Find a few go-to shoot locations. I look for places that are shaded/in good lighting, pleasing to the eye, semi secluded and easily accessible. I love my go-to locations but am always on the look out for new ones! I have a few go-to’s in Knoxville & and Madisonville so when I’m in a bind for time I know I always have some somewhere to go!

Favorite Location For Tripod Photos

{One of my most photographed locations! A favorite in Knoxville.}

  • Last but not least, practice, practice, practice! It’s taken me quite some time to master my tripod photography skills and it’s definitely not easy. I probably have just as many blurry, out of focus, totally not working photos as I have great ones. Just like anything, keep working at it and they’ll get better!

I hope these have helped or maybe inspires some of you to try out tripod photos for yourself! As always, please feel free to email me with questions or leave them in the comments!