The BEST Diet & Exercise Program To Start Jan 1

We’re all ready to make some new year changes and I know many make diet and exercise plans for the new year. Well I’ve got the best diet & exercise program for you to start in the new year to see results fast! I’ve shared time and time again about my FASTer Way To Fat Loss Journey but I wanted to be sure and remind you guys as the new year is fast approaching! The FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program is a 6 week diet and exercise program that WORKS. I started the program in March of last year and have stayed pretty consistent with it throughout the year. I’ve fallen off as the holidays have been crazy busy for me, but I plan to start back in January and I’m SO excited! If you want to see my original post and see my 6 week before and after photos you can see them here. I wanted to share a few why’s with you guys and if you have any questions feel free to email, comment or DM me on instagram!

After 9 months of on and off doing the program I’ve felt the highs and the lows of a diet and exercise program. So I want to share them all with you. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Best Diet & Exercise Program to Start Jan 1

The Good:

In March I started the program and followed it the best I possibly could for about 5 months straight. I saw amazing results and I felt amazing results. I had more energy, I was excited about sweating, I enjoyed my healthy meals, I felt good in a swimsuit (and all my clothes for that matter), I was in a great routine with my eating, workouts and life in general. Other’s saw my results and commented on them and I truly found a new love for my body and myself.

The Bad:

I got BUSY. The past 5 months have been crazy. Probably some of the craziest of my life. I’ve been in a long distance relationship, we opened a second store, hired 5 employees (soon after hiring our first full time employee), my business partner went on maternity leave, and all normalcy went to the birds. I got way off my routine and so badly wanted it back. I’ve tried hopping back into the program but it’s been too hard to maintain. I’ve been stressed and no one wants healthy food when they’re stressed, right?!

The Ugly:

The holidays are hard in general. Add a super heavy workload and a lot of stress and it’s impossible! So I’ve fallen very hard off the wagon. I feel sluggish, my jeans are getting a little tighter, I’m not drinking enough water and I definitely feel like I’m a little addicted to sugar and junk food. It’s not pretty.

What I’m Doing To Set Myself Up For Success in 2018:

PLAN: I’m planning to actually start on Wednesday January 3. I know that’s not ideal but I know if I say I’m starting Jan 1 it ain’t happenin. Just with what I have going on, the 3rd is just as good, and that’s actually do-able. I’ll be grocery shopping and easing into my workout on the 3rd and back in the swing of it by the following week.

Joining a Gym: One of my favorite things about the program was that you don’t have to be a member of a gym. That you can do your workouts at home. But, of course as time goes on, I’ve become less and less motivated to workout at home. So I’m joining a gym (hello $10 Planet Fitness membership!) in hopes that the gym motivates me to workout (especially in the cold) and it really pushes me once I’m there.

Try New Recipes: I love that at the beginning of the year there are lots of other people who are getting back on track or trying out Whole 30 and there are plenty of great instagram recipes and blog posts! I’m definitely going to be trying out some new meals in January to keep things exciting and fresh.

Best Diet & Exercise Program to Start Jan 1

If you’re interested in joining me in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program in January there’s a new round starting January 1! The first week is prep week where you learn the program and you practice. Then the 6 weeks starts the following week. If you’re motivated and ready to see results, I’d highly suggest trying it out!

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