Beauty Secrets: What to Use Instead of Makeup Wipes and Why

Who has used makeup wipes before?! Everyone, right?! They’re so easy to reach for when the last thing you want to do is your full skincare routine before bed. Believe me, been there before! The only thing they’ve going for themselves is they are at least better than going to bed with your makeup on. As simple as they are they’re not really worth it, unfortunately. But the good news is, there is something better for you! And it’s almost just as simple, but way better for your skin! So let’s chat what to use instead of makeup wipes and why!

But first, 3 quick reasons why you need to toss those wipes out today before I share my favorite makeup removing product!

They’re Irritating & Disrupt Your Skin’s Natural Oils

According to this article from The Everygirl, there’s also the potential for skin breakage, explained Savannah St. Jean, owner of Savannah Rae Beauty. “Often, makeup wipes contain high levels of alcohol and harmful chemicals which can cause dryness and irritation and disrupt the PH balance of your skin,” she noted. “When you combine that with the texture of the wipes, you open yourself up to the risk of micro-tears. This can cause signs of premature aging over time.”

They’re Not Really Getting Your Face Clean!

Every time I’ve used them I swear I wake up with mascara all over my face! Like did it even do anything?! Also, have you seen this video?! The answer is no, they’re not doing anything ha!

They’re Also Terrible for the Environment!

Makeup wipes are not biodegradable so if you’re looking for ways to be more sustainable and reduce your waste, let that be one of the things you swap out!

What to Use Instead of Makeup Wipes: Makeup Vanishing Balm

What to Use Instead of Makeup Wipes by popular Nashville beauty blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of Monat Makeup Vanish Balm.

The Monat Makeup Vanishing Balm has literally been a game changer for my nighttime skincare routine! It’s gentle and soothing to your skin. Theres no rough rubbing to get your eye makeup off, there’s no irritation or dryness after using and it literally just melts your makeup off. Mascara, long wear foundation, stay all day lipstick, it all comes right off! It actually dissolves your makeup to help it gently wipe right off and leaves your skin feeling soft, soothed, nourished and non-greasy. It’s infused with naturally derived key ingredients, RejuveniqeS & natural fruit acids (AHA’s).

It makes removing your makeup so easy and painless. It comes in a big jar and a little goes a long way so it lasts forever too! If you want to try it out at a discount, message me “vanishing balm” here and I’ll send you my latest promo!

What to Use Instead of Makeup Wipes by popular Nashville beauty blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of makeup on a woman's hand.
What to Use Instead of Makeup Wipes by popular Nashville beauty blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of vanishing makeup balm n a woman's hand.

Do you have any other questions of tips on what to use instead of makeup wipes?  Let me know in a comment below!