The Best Alternatives to Amazon: My Honest Thoughts on Shopping Amazon

With the pandemic going on, I’ve found myself buying more and more things from Amazon. It’s super handy for some things that I would normally buy at the grocery store or at Target. I just ordered deodorant and k-cups this week! So easy! Amazon is so easy and effective you can honestly go a little overboard, way too quickly. And I will say, there definitely is a downside to shopping everything at Amazon. Keep scrolling down to learn more about the best alternatives to Amazon shopping!

People are becoming obsessed with just getting everything from Amazon and not giving their business to anyone else! So here’s the deal- let’s all agree we’re not going to buy EVERYTHING on Amazon, ok?! Let’s find some alternatives to Amazon and shop some other places too!

So what do you do?! You have to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise Amazon will take all your money real quick. You want to know what I will NEVER buy on Amazon? Something that I can get from a local or small business.

The Best Alternatives to Amazon, tips featured by top Nashville life and style blogger, Pearls and Twirls

Alternatives to Amazon: Shop Local!

I know that you can’t shop small or shop local for everything. But if I have the chance to shop small I always will. I recently saw someone share how they find good baby stuff on Amazon and she said- she just finds cute things from boutiques and then searches for the same thing on Amazon and boom- half the price of the boutique! And ya’ll. That is SO BAD. If you want to do that, there ya go, there’s a tip. But do you know how hard that baby boutique worked to find that item, stock that item and then style that instagram photo you LIKED and then just went to Amazon to rip off?

I’m not sharing any of this to shame anyone or even to tell you not to do this. I just want to bring awareness to it because a lot of people don’t even realize how bad and sad this is! You, the consumer, just think you’re getting a killer deal! #score! But in reality, small businesses are the backbone the economy. Amazon can not employ and serve everyone, we have to have small businesses to survive and thrive as an economy! Especially now with the pandemic going on. Small businesses are taking an even harder hit. So if you can shop locally for some things, please do!

Shop Clothing & Accessories Locally Versus Amazon

There’s no right or wrong way to shop at Amazon and I’m not here to tell you what to do. Again, I just want to bring awareness to the matter! But I do want you to think about the things you value and where you WANT to spend your money! I genuinely enjoy shopping clothing and accessories from small businesses! Not only do I love shopping with my friends who own stores but I also love making friends with local store owners! I regularly shop at Poppie’s Boutique here in Lebanon,, Magpies Girl in Nashville for fun things for Addi and Magpies Baby for baby gifts! I honestly don’t care about the price, I just LOVE supporting these businesses. Not much makes me happier than walking out of a small business with a bag in my hand! And when you think about price, it’s no different than wanting to go to a local coffee shop and spend $6 for a latte for the fun atmosphere and to take a cute photo. You can get those latte supplies from Amazon and make one at home for a dollar!

Amazon Clothing & Accessories are Fast Fashion

Not to mention, personally, when I buy non necessities on Amazon they seem more consumable. Every Amazon clothing purchase I’ve made in the past year I’ve sold once I’ve worn it a few times. The jewelry is bad quality, the clothing shrinks, and I swear anything you spend less than $10 on, after a few days it literally just becomes junk. At least in my experience that’s how it’s felt for me. So I’d rather splurge a little more on something that I really love and will take care of and will use for a while. When I shop small, go thrifting, or find a really good find on poshmark, it’s like that item is way more special to me then something I could just buy from Amazon – ya know?! Anyone else like this?!

So, moral of the alternatives to Amazon story, next time you want a new cute dress or a pair of gold hoops, instead of going to Amazon, try finding some from a local boutique or small business!

When you shop small you’re supporting an actual person, literally supporting a real person’s dream, and to me, that’s way more exciting than getting some generic dress in 2 days from Amazon! I hope you can find the same joy I find in shopping local and spending your hard earned money with a local, small business owner! Next time you shop local tag me on instagram so I can see what you got! 🙂

Happy shopping!