About Katie

I’m Katie and welcome to Pearls & Twirls, a once personal style blog that has transformed into so much more! I love and live for a great outfit, a killer piece of jewelry or pair of boots. But as I’ve gotten older I know there’s so much more to the girl that rocks that killer outfit.

Pearls & Twirls is a blog full of encouragement and inspiration for the everyday girl with big dreams. I’m here to inspire you and cheer you on to be YOUR personal best (lots of goal setting around here!). I want you to be inspired to go shopping and pick out outfits that make you feel like a rockstar and confident. And I want you to know you can literally be anything you want to be! I hope when you come to Pearls & Twirls you don’t leave feeling like you need to go spend a bunch of money, but you leave feeling inspired to fill your time, your closet and your day with things that make YOU happy!