A Complete Morning Beauty Routine with Monat Skincare

One of the best things I’ve done for myself is simplify a lot of my beauty routines. By switching to using one brand it has been so helpful to not overbuy on product and then end up with a stockpile of things that underperform. Gone are the days of drawers, baskets and bags full of products I don’t use! Thank goodness! So, here we are with the best skin of my life all thanks to the MONAT skincare line (see my transformation in this post)!

I’m seriously so blown away at how great and how easy it is to just use one full line of products! Not to mention they make the bathroom so pretty! So here’s my current morning lineup.

Morning Beauty Routine with Monat Skincare featured by top Nashville beauty blogger, Pearls and Twirls

Morning Beauty Routine with MONAT Skincare:

Step 1: Be Balanced Cleanser

Double cleanse with Be Balanced cleanser. If you didn’t know, you should always wash your hair and face twice when you wash! Double cleansing is so important! The first wash will remove and dirt or buildup on your skin and then second wash will get your skin super clean and prepped for your next steps!

Step 2: Skin Revitalizing Essence Water

The Essence is a new to me product but it’s one of my favorites! You pour a little into your palms and press onto your skin. It’s a lightweight miracle water that smoothes, softens and lessens the appearance of wrinkles for brighter, more radiant skin.

Step 3: C-Radiance Illuminating Serum

This is MONAT’s Vitamin C serum. If you’re not using a vitamin C serum this is a GREAT one to add into your routine. It’s a supercharged 15% vitamin C serum that will brighten and enhance your complexion. It’s made up of Kadaku plum which is a super fruit containing one of the most potent and concentrated natural forms of vitamin C!

Step 4: Eye Smooth Eye Cream

This eye cream is one of the most luxurious eye creams I’ve ever used! It comes with this amazing rose gold roller! The Eye Smooth is an indulgent cushiony cream that gives you a visibly brighter, smoother, more youthful look around the eyes! It will give you more hydration while decreasing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Step 5: Be Balanced Lightweight Moisturizer

Last step is to finish off with a moisturizer. I love the lightweight moisturizer because it’s the perfect moisturizing lotion! Not to thick, not to light and leaves your skin so moisturized and replenished! It’s a complex of renewing botanicals for balanced 24 hour moisture.

The best thing about this morning beauty routine is you can start small and keep adding in products! You can buy the full Monat Skincare morning routine now and add in other creams and serums later or you can start small with the C-Radiance now and add on more later. I’m a wizard at getting the best deals on these products too! So feel free to message me on instagram or email me (pearlsandtwirlsblog at gmail.com) and I can put together a cart with 25% off and a free product or put you on my sale wait list!