5 Fall & Winter Pieces To Complete Any Outfit

While I love having lots of options and a diverse closet I also LOVE wearing my favorite things! It makes me sad when some of my favorite pieces don’t get the love they deserve! So I wanted to share 5 Fall & Winter pieces you need! They don’t have to be the exact same thing as mine, but I wanted to share a few things that I constantly wear.

5 Fall & Winter Pieces You Need

Leather or Suede Jacket

I’ve had a leather jacket for a while now and it’s a constant go-to of mine. It’s a must for the fall and winter because you can dress it up, over a nice holiday dress with tights and heels, or dress it down, with leggings, tennis shoes and even with a hoodie layered underneath. They go with everything, are warm and just overall are the best! You can see how I styled my $100 leather jacket 4 ways last year! I also have this blush pink suede one next on my wishlist!

Blank NYC faux Leather Jacket – $98

Felt Hat

I love hats all year long but I feel like a fall and winter hat is a must have just as much as a summer hat is! I live in mine on the weekends and always feel like hats compliment fall and winter outfits so much. A lot of times for the blog I have to make myself not wear mine in every outfit post! ha!

Shop More Felt Hats:

Oversized Cardigan/Coat

I scooped up this oversized cardigan/coat at Urban Outfitters in California a few years ago and have LIVED in it ever since. Seriously it’s so nice because I can throw it on over anything! Casual, dressier, lotsa layers, etc. We just got in a really oversized soft, cozy cardigan at My Kind of Lovely that I want, but know I don’t need because I have and love this one. If you’re in the market for one (this one you can totally cozy up in at home too!) this Wrapped Up in You cardi is a must have!

Shop My New Favorite: Wrapped Up In You Cardi

Scarf that Goes With Everything

We all love scarves but what a bummer when you get one and then think, how the heck am I going to wear this?! Well I just scooped up this neutral one from My Kind of Lovely last week because it will literally go with everything! I like to wear a lot of color so a neutral scarf that will go with my pink coat is perfect! I love that this one doesn’t have to be wrapped up around your neck (I just wore it draped over my shoulders this past weekend) but still gives the chunky blanket scarf look when you do wrap it around your neck.

My Kind of Lovely Tyler Scarf – $32

Boots that you LOVE, Can Wear all Day and Go with Everything

I know pink velvet boots aren’t for everyone, but I LOVE mine and literally wear them all the time! I have two different pairs, but the pair I’m wearing below is my everyday boot. You don’t need my favorite, but I do think everyone should shop around for a pair of booties that you can wear all day, that go with everything, and that you love to put on everyday. They can be flat, have a small heel, be over the knee, pink velvet, basic black, whatever floats your boat! But a nice boot that goes with a lot that’s in your wardrobe and you love will go a long way. I bought a pair of nice black boots last year because I thought I “needed” them for everyday booties that are comfortable, but let’s be real, my “everyday” is pink and I needed to realize that! I think a lot of times we buy things we think we “need” only to realize they just sit in our closets! So I’d suggest you to evaluate your actual needs and get to shopping! I’ve rounded up a LOT of cute options to help you get started!

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