Your Future Looks BRIGHT! 10 Ways To Accomplish Your Short Term Goals

Last week I was back in my regular schedule at work and seemingly more overwhelmed than ever! The end of the year is always so hard when you work in retail, then you take a break and getting back to normal is so hard! After a few frustrating days I decided to figure out how to really get it together. So as I started doing this, I also started taking a few notes on what tends to help me so I can share with ya’ll!

10 Ways To Accomplish Your Short Term Goals

Schedule Your Week

November and December were so jam packed for me I hardly even used my planner. I was just surviving off the craziness and it has majorly gotten me off my regular scheduled day. So if you’re trying to be productive, get that planner out and write your day out. I schedule my workouts in there, my blog work time, any other work I need to do, errands, to-do’s etc. Schedule it all out, that way you know you’re doing it and you’re not putting off running by the post office or taking that Christmas return back to the mall.

Schedule Your Day the Night Before

Once you have your week scheduled, every night, or every end to your work day, go ahead and schedule out your next day. Since I’m self employed, if I don’t have a solid plan for what my day looks like, you can guarantee that there will be a lot of, well what should I do next? being asked. Before I leave work that day I write out my to-do’s for the next day so that I see them and know as soon as I come in. Then I also schedule out my mornings, so that’s there’s no laying in bed on instagram because I don’t have a solid plan to get me out of bed!

Reward Yourself

Ok we all love a good treat, right?! Well I like to make myself work for them. Lately I’ve been more unmotivated than ever to workout. It’s just so hard right now. But there’s a really cute workout outfit I’ve been eyeing. So I just set a goal. If I get all my workouts in over the next week, I’ll let myself buy it! Challenge accepted.

Give Yourself Time Limits to Tasks

I’ve been putting some things off that I just need to get done. So I set a time limit for it, start working on it at that time and have to finish by the finish time. It helps me not procrastinate and just get it done so I can move on to the next thing.

Tackle One Important Thing in the Morning

I’ve been so slow to get going in the mornings. Typically I like to get my workouts in in the morning, but, if that’s not your thing schedule one big task for the morning that you can mark off first thing. You’ll start your day accomplished and ready to go.

Eat That Frog

This kind of piggy backs off the previous but once you get to work, “eat that frog” and do one big thing on your to-do list first thing. Sit down, knock it out, and again, you just knocked out a major task and can move on!

Stop Saying I’ll Do That Later

I’m the worst at coming back to things later. When you schedule time to work on something, work on it and finish it. I’ll read an email and plan to come back to it, I’ll open a message and not respond and come back to it. Just respond, work on it, figure it out. This is one of the habits I’m working on breaking. Just getting out of the habit of coming back and into the habit of just always acting on things!

Wake Up Earlier

I HATE getting up early, but the reality is when you get up earlier, you have more hours in your day to get more done towards accomplishing your goals. Whether that goal is to get the house cleaned, get up an hour earlier and get to cleaning. Whether that’s to get more organized, get up and spend that extra time getting organized, or whether that’s spending an extra two interrupted hours working on your business so you can go on a date night that night. Get up earlier and get it done.

Use Positive Words

Going back to hating getting up early, I often say, “ugh I’m sooo tired, I need more sleep,” to myself. Or even, “gah I hate getting up so early!” When that’s telling my body and my mind that getting up is a bad thing. I need to be saying “I can’t wait to get to work on ______ today!” or “I can’t wait for date night tonight!”  Whatever it is, I’ve been trying to remember to tell myself encouraging things when I get up first thing in the morning instead of starting my day as a Debbie Downer.

Believe in Yourself!

This year I’ve vowed to myself to stop playing small. To stop believing that things can’t happen for me. That I’m not meant for more! But, things don’t just happen. So when you truly believe in yourself and believe you can accomplish anything, you can.

Now go out and crush this week, friends!