Wunder Unders

Having a full time job, coaching a twirling team and blogging leave me with minimal time for other activities such as working out and spending time with friends. Less time to fit things in doesn’t mean I don’t do them, I’ve just found a few ways to cut corners.  Two important factors: planning and the right clothes (oh and dry shampoo is key too)! If you have a plan the day or night before you can pack an extra bag and you’re all set for the day.  After yesterday’s post you know that I’m a lululemon addict so I’ve chosen lulu’s most well known pant, the wunder under, to show you how I go from work out to go out.

A quick post work outdoor run with a few strength training exercises mixed in is my standard weekday workout.  I love workout classes like Operation Boot Camp, Barre and Jazzercise (yes, Jazzersize, it’s so much fun!) but oftentimes it’s more time efficient for me to squeeze my own workout in on my own time.

For evening drinks post workout I usually swing in a bathroom to freshen up and throw a cute outfit on. In this case, I just kept my bottoms on, added a pair of boots, a loose top and my leather jacket and I was ready to go!

Workout Look: All lululemon – Gifted lululemon Wunder Unders, Cool Racerback Top, In Stride Jacket and Asics shoes

Go Out Look: Urban Outfitters tank, ASOS leather jacket, Coach Willis purse, BaubleBar earrings, nyla boots

The versatility of the wunder under pant or crop is incomparable! They are not only my favorite workout pant but they can easily be styled for night time as well! I know some people are not willing to pay the $82 for a pair but I promise you these will last (as long as you take care of them) forever! As a runner I have plenty of other pairs that start to sag or lose shape after a few miles but these don’t move!