Why You Should Invest In Attending A Conference

Chicago The Blog Societies Conference

It feels like my Chicago trip was forever ago but just the other day all at the same time! Looking back, I’m SO glad I took the time to make the 9 hour car ride north for The Blog Society’s 5th conference. Since I started blogging I’ve always made the time to go to conferences. It really is one of the only ways to connect and meet other bloggers. I’ve met so many amazing girls this way (I even sat next to and met Rachel Parcel at my first conference!) and not only do you learn so much from the conference, you also learn so much from your new friends! Meeting people who you can brainstorm with, collaborate with and bounce ideas off is truly worth more than anything!

Regardless of what industry you’re in I’m a firm believer that conferences are always a good idea. Here are a few takeaways and reasons I’d always suggest going to any conference you have the opportunity to attend.

Chicago The Blog Societies Conference

Chicago The Blog Societies Conference


Of course the #1 reason you’d like to go to a conference is to learn. Learn more about your craft, learn more about the industry and learn more about what others are doing to be successful. And yes, this is the reason the conference is being held, but I will say it’s really hard to take in all that info in such a short period of time. So I would suggest not only taking notes, but even block off a time when you get home to go through your notes and make a plan of action. Of course I haven’t cracked open my notebook from the trip just yet, but I do have it laid out and am going to try and schedule some time for me to really sit down and work through it. I learned SO MUCH good stuff that I know I need to apply! I can’t wait to get to working on it!


Just being around more people in your industry sparks inspiration. I was around girls who blog full time, who have their own courses, who’s husband’s quit their jobs to help them blog, I mean, some serious girl bosses! Just being around those people and hearing their stories, successes and failures is so inspiring.


I’ve made some true friends through just The Blog Societies alone. And yes, friends are great, but having true friends in your industry is an AMAZING thing. Friends that can celebrate your wins with you, can coach you through obstacles and most of all support you! When you feel like you’re navigating your industry alone having at least one friend you can talk to can be so comforting.


It’s a GREAT excuse to travel! I’ve been to conferences in New York City (IFB & Lucky FABB – you’ll see a lot of familiar faces in this one!), Atlanta, Charleston and Chicago for conferences and they’re the perfect excuse to get out of town and check out a new city (or revisit a favorite!) Not only do you get to explore a new city, you get to explore with some of your new friends!


When you’re a business owner you should always been looking for ways to collaborate with others in your industry (and even similar industries)! Collaborations can come in so many different shapes and sizes too. You can collaborate with brands, other bloggers, photographers, cities, hotels, restaurants and so much more. As a boutique owner and blogger I’m always looking for ways to collaborate. Get creative, get inspired by your peers and seek out ways to collaborate! You’ve placed yourself in a prime spot to network and seek out those collaborations when you’re at a conference. Just go for it!

A great example, Lacey and I decided to team up and shoot each other’s photos after the conference on Saturday. That was a great way for the two of us to collaborate and work together! That has now turned into us getting together at home to shoot. We understand what the other is looking for, what they need and we get the job done pretty quick!

Chicago The Blog Societies Conference

Chicago The Blog Societies Conference

Chicago The Blog Societies Conference

Chicago The Blog Societies Conference

Chicago The Blog Societies Conference

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  1. Daphne

    Katie, you are so right! When I first started teaching…in 1974…( I am old!!!) my mentor told me to attend as many conferences and trainings that I could. I was smart enough to take the advice and have continued all these years later to do that. It is so important!

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