Why I Don’t Consider Myself a Style Blogger Anymore

I can’t believe I’m officially putting this in writing! I’m saying buh-bye to the style blogging title and honestly I feel like an old weight has been lifted but a new one placed on me all at the same time! It’s tough when you share a lot of your life on the internet and when you’re in an “in between” time that is also shown on the internet?! It’s kinda weird. But as I make this transition from “style blogger” to….I honestly have no clue what I am now, I want to share with ya’ll the process and the journey.

Why I’m Not a Style Blogger Anymore

The reason I started this blog was to share my style. I genuinely love putting together fun and unique outfits. End of story. I love putting shirts over dresses, taking something high end and recreating it with something from a thrift store or Old Navy, I love mixing and matching – I just love putting together outfits! So that’s what this space was. But now that the style blogging space has become so saturated, I feel like you have to really niche down or have a completely different perspective otherwise you’re just another girl on the internet in a cute outfit!

I also feel like what once was “style blogging” has now just become 100% shopping focused. Less, how to put something together like this from something in your closet, and more, buy, buy, buy! I loved the days of recreating a cute pinterest outfit or another blogger’s outfit with something from my closet. But now it’s just buy this sweater for $15 from Amazon! And it’s honestly taken all the fun out of it for me!

The blogging industry has gone from creative and unique to just a bunch of girls, buying the same things and taking the same photos all in the name of making a buck from instagram. And honestly, they’re cute and all, but I’m just not interested in that.

I’m not cutting fashion and style out completely. I do still want to share a few of my favorite things. But we’re officially shifting from less outfit, outfit, outfit, to doing more of just a couple style related posts per month. I’ve been making this shift, so you may have noticed, but I just thought it would be fun to share my why too.

So What’s Coming Here?

I’ll definitely still share my style favorites and favorite outfits from time to time. Ya’ll loved my best of denim shorts post and I definitely want to share more posts like that. Seasonal musts, one piece 4 ways, how to wear new trends, my hunt for the best boots, best jeans, best jackets, etc. So it’ll be less one off outfits and more informative, helpful style posts. But this still frees me up to share more posts on other things. Beauty, lifestyle, mindset, healthy living, etc. If there’s anything style specific that you’d like to see, I’d love to hear it! Feel free to shoot me a message anytime!

And I can’t thank you guys enough for following along on this journey. I honestly love that I’m able to keep a running document of these seasons of life here and I can’t wait to see where this season takes me!

Denim Jacket from The Girl With the Pearls