Why I Did A No Shopping Month

I did a no shopping month in January and honestly I may keep it going for February too. I LOVED it because it made me really think through my purchases. My intention was really, no spending on anything that wasn’t necessary. So not necessarily no “shopping” but also no Starbucks when I had plenty of coffee at home, no extra amazon add ons and no Target runs. I just wanted to spend the first of the year being ultra aware of what I’m buying and how I’m spending my money!

So Why Did I Do A No Shopping Month?

  • First of all I’m tired of wondering where all my money goes! Little things here and there really can add up! So I thought if I cut out unnecessary things, I’ll definitely see some savings. Could I have done better? Yes, of course! But just practicing this really made me see the things I was buying and really think through them. You’d be amazed at how much you buy, just to buy, not because you actually need it.
  • I already have so much in my closet! January is typically a huge sale month – I mean you can find some crazy good deals! But I literally don’t need any of that. So this was a way to avoid those post holiday sales and save my money for something I really love.  Not to mention I have PLENTY of clothes. Why do we always just want something new?!
  • I want to be more intentional about the things I bring into my home. We live in such a fast world where over consumption is so normal. We buy things, use them a few times and trash them or throw them in a basket never to be touched again. And I just hate that. I hate clutter, I actually hate having all the things! So this was a great reminder that I literally don’t need anything.
  • It helped me decide on pieces I really, really want! There are a few things that I saw throughout my no shopping month that I still want, so that means they should potentially be purchased ha! That random top I saw and have since forgotten about but probably would have bought because it was on sale is long gone, but those white booties are still on my list!

There really are so many benefits of doing a no shopping month or season or however you want to do it. I highly encourage it! There are so many reasons to do one, but I’d love to hear yours! If you decide to do a no shopping month anytime soon let me know! I’d love to hear!!