What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Thanks to my friend Savannah & her bookstagram she’s totally gotten not only me but Jared and me both back into reading! And we’re loving it! We’re trying to have the TV off and in bed between 9-10pm every night which has been so nice! Not only has reading helped us watch less TV but I also spend way less time mindlessly scrolling social media at night which makes it way easier to shut off your brain for bedtime. Reading gets a 10/10 from me! So let’s get to it- here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

28 Summers

My first book of the year and still one of my favorites! It takes you over the course of a summer fling that reconnects the same weekend every year over 28 summers. It really had me emotional thinking about how much things change over the course of 28 summers. This will be a fun summer read! Shop 28 Summers.

Winter Street Series

This series was set at Christmastime so save this for a Nov-Dec read. It was such a fun series! I blew through reading them and loved the storyline from the whole family who always come home to the Winter Street Inn on Nantucket every Christmas! Shop Winter Street (book#1).

The Idea of You

This one was a dreamy, forbidden type love story that literally pulls you in and wraps you up. I felt like I was in the story of Hayes of Solene and was left needing more at the end of the book. It was dreamy, spicy and fun all in one amazing love story! Shop The Idea of You.


I feel like this book is getting a lot of hype right now. It’s a wild ride. But it is one that totally grabs you and pulls you in. It’s a thriller but not super suspenseful throughout the book. Just a crazy story that really captures your attention and leaves you literally wondering what just happened at the end. Shop Verity.

It Ends With Us

My favorite read so far this year! I can’t even put into words why/how I love it so much. It’s a captivating love story that just pulls at your heart. I can’t wait for the sequel! Shop It Ends With Us.

Regretting You

Another favorite! A heart wrenching mother/daughter story that was so beautiful. I have chills and warm & fuzzy feelings just remembering it right now! Each chapter of the book went back and forth from the mother’s perspective to the daughter’s perspective which was a really great way to see both sides & both emotions as they navigate one of the hardest things they’ll ever have to go through. It’s a must read! Shop Regretting You.

The Perfect Couple

This was a really fun mystery! The maid of honor was found dead the morning of her best friends wedding and the whole book was a really fun & interesting uncovering of the story from all perspectives. Shop The Perfect Couple.

So far I’ve mainly stuck to reading Elin Hilderbrand & Colleen Hoover books, but I’m excited to branch out and try some new authors too! Who are some of your favorite authors and/or books! Let me know what I should read next! And if you read any of these please let me know how you like & tag me if you share on instagram!

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