Tuesday Treasures – DIY

I’ve been seeing lots of great DIY inspiration on some of my favorite blogs and all over pinterest.  I’m hopeful that this upcoming weekend is going to be filled with lots of free time for some fun fall activities that will definitely include carving pumpkins and maybe a few DIY projects.  If I had all the time in the world here are a few projects I would be sure to try. 

{Cute DIY bracelets from Made by Girl.  Must try some of these!}

{A studded collar from Cheetah is the New Black.  A very cute and inexpensive way to toughen up a girly blouse}

{I’m in love with the jewelry display!  I’m all about using jewelry as decor, just need to find the perfect place to re-create.}

{Glitter Pumpkins! I love this idea for a glittery way to decorate for fall.}