Trust Your Gut

Trust your gut. We all hear it. We all say it but do we really do it? Do we really even know what it feels like to really trust our gut?!

In my day to day life I feel like I know what to do. I know how to get things done, I know the things I need to get done and I just go go go. I don’t question things, I follow the schedule, I set goals, I work towards them, I try to not make excuses, I try to show up, and I try my best to get sh*t done at warp speed.

I’m never really thinking I should slow down in some areas or stop doing something or add something new. I just go go go at my usual and what feels normal.

But, as August quickly approached, I started getting more and more anxious. I had over committed myself. I was anticipating the stress. Anxiously awaiting the days that were so cram packed that I was miserable. But the truth is I did this to myself. I put unrealistic expectations on myself to literally do it all. Do I have to do it all? Ha – No. Do I feel like I have to do it all. Yes.

How to Trust Your Gut

This past week I’ve felt a tugging in my heart to take it easy here. To slow down on my posting on the blog. To stop setting these expectations of myself here that I have to post consistently. This blog is one of my favorite things I’ve done for myself and in the 8 years I’ve been blogging I think I’m most proud of and most happy about where Pearls & Twirls is right now. So to keep that happiness in tact, I’m going to take it easy for the next 2 months. I’ll still probably post a few sporadic posts here and there when I’m inspired, but I just know that I can’t force a consistent schedule at the moment and that’s just going to have to be ok. I believe I owe it to myself to focus on the things that really need me right now, in these next two months. And this little corner of the internet will always be here when I’m ready to come back.

Yesterday’s morning devotional had a story about trees in it that said when it heavily snows prematurely in the season, the trees aren’t ready for it. So when the trees still have their leaves on them they can’t additionally bear the weight of the snow and they snap when the snow gets too heavy. I immediately was like yes, I will snap during this in between season if I don’t give myself a break! Ha! It was the perfect devotional at the perfect time. I’m always thankful when God does that.


So I’m sharing this post to not only let you guys know that I won’t be posting consistently for the next two months, but I also want this to serve as a little reminder for you guys too.

To trust your gut and listen when you feel God moving you in a certain direction. Regardless if you want to go that direction or not. If you feel a tugging to start something new. Just do it. If you feel the tugging to say no to something, to walk away from something or to take unrealistic expectations off yourself. Just do it. Sometimes deep down we know what’s best, so listen to that.

I’ve heard God speak to me very clearly a few times in my life and this one was pretty clear to me this week. When you listen to the little nudges, you never know what kind of doors you’re actually opening up for yourself! So I’m excited to take the pressure off myself for a little bit and see what happens.

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So, happy August friends! Let’s crush this month!

Don’t worry, I’m not *quite* going anywhere! I usually check in daily on Instagram and Insta stories! So if you want a daily peek into what I’m up to the next few weeks definitely be sure to follow on instagram!