The Tough Side of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss

As of today I’ve been pretty actively participating in the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle for more than 5 months. I’ve shared about how much I love the program, how it has changed my body and how great it’s been for my lifestyle which I still stand behind 110%! But lately? It’s been hard. Extremely hard. I’ve been trying to push through and make good choices but life has just been crazy and I feel like I’ve been failing week after week. So today instead of going over all the positive, wonderful parts of it, I want to share my struggles and how I plan to overcome them. I want to share this program 100% authentically with you guys so if you are interested in trying it out you see all sides to it and at least know the good and the tough parts! Obviously it’s not going to be a walk in the park, but as someone who really wants this program to be a lifestyle change, I wanted to share a little more about how attainable that really is.

Things I’ve been struggling with lately with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss & How I’m getting back on track:


Obviously anything you do like this takes time. It takes time to learn, time to prep, time to workout, time to meal plan. Right now this is my struggle. I have no time to meal prep or plan for the week, I have a little time for working out and I’ve been really resisting the whole log everything you eat thing. It’s really not a huge time commitment, but it is time out of your day you HAVE to commit to participating in the program. To get your macros right for the day, you need to have somewhat of a meal plan for the day, to get your workouts in you have to block out time in your day to do them and to log your food and participate in the facebook group you have to set aside time every night to do that. Again, this isn’t a lot of time, but it is time out of your day.

What I’m doing to get back on track? For the month of October work is officially getting a little more of a schedule so I won’t be working as much. (Hallelujah!) So I’m going to plan on starting every week with a grocery store run and somewhat of a meal plan for the week. I’m also going to get back to scheduling my workouts in my planner and trying to really hold myself accountable to getting those in! I’m hoping to get back on the morning workout train sooner rather than later. I 100% attribute planning to my success in the program. It doesn’t take that much time, but it’s the only way I can be sure to get everything done.

Staying Motivated

I will say when I was seeing amazing results that’s a great way to stay motivated. But I feel like that moment when we hit a little plateau, we fall off the wagon for a little bit and don’t “gain it all back” we feel like there is a little more lenience there. That’s currently where I am, I’m having a hard time getting motivated because I haven’t gained, my clothes still fit/are a little big so why really even bother? Well we all know the road that takes us, so we need a new motivator!

What I’m doing to get back on track? For October I’m going to give myself a goal and a reward and know that I have to give myself that reward at the end of the month if I hit that goal. That will help me get a kickstart and once I’m feeling great again I’ll be back on track.


For me, the past few months have been stressful. Stress really gets my body out of whack and I’ve only started to realize this over the past few years. I don’t have much of an appetite and the only thing I’ve really had a taste for over the past few weeks is all the carbs! Ugh. So not good for a diet. Sometimes I give in and other times I push through. But it makes making the right choices extra hard when nothing sounds appetizing.

What I’m doing to get back on track? Stress is a hard one to combat because it’s basically just life’s events and happenings and I can’t quite make things less stressful. But I do think getting on a better work/life schedule it will really help with the stress. Sometimes taking that extra time out to just get your life organized can help combat the stress.

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If you’re on the fence about joining I definitely don’t want this post to scare you away! As a reminder these struggles have formed after 5 months of doing the program and seeing great results! I think ups and downs are pretty normal with any diet and exercise program you do. But if you are on the fence about signing up I’d HIGHLY recommend this program if you are….

  • Motivated to get into a better routine
  • Excited about working to look better and feel better on a daily basis
  • Ready to put in the time and effort on bettering yourself

You can read all of my FASTer Way To Fat Loss posts here where I break down a lot of different aspects of the program and how I’ve loved it and how it’s changed me and my body for the better!

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