The Most Important Greeting Card Holiday!

This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I have lots of guys in my life to celebrate this Father’s Day! While I love celebrating the men in my life, most of them are pretty tough to shop for. But I don’t know any guys who don’t love a good greeting card. That’s why Father’s Day is the most important greeting card holiday! It’s the one holiday that you better show up with a good card for. Most Dad’s don’t need much else, but they love a good card!

So this is your warning to go ahead and get to shopping those Father’s Day cards! They’re important and the good ones go fast! So, run to the American Greetings section of Target and get to browsing! You don’t want to be that last-minute shopper who doesn’t allow ample time to find the perfect card, and you also don’t want to be that person running to Target the day of with only 10 cards to choose from! Get to it!

Before you run off and feel overwhelmed by the card shopping process, I just want to give you one tip before you go! Make a list of all the guys you need to buy forโ€”don’t forget grandads, brothers, and uncles who are dads, too! Make a list and think through what kind of cards they like best! I know my dad loves a funny one and since I’m buying for Jared and a few other dads, too, this year, I just want to be sure I’m thinking of them first and get a card they will love and appreciate. And if you need inspiration for what to write inside the card, check out the ‘What to Write’ page on American Greetings’ website! I also can’t wait to take Addilyn shopping for a Father’s Day card! I’m excited to see what she thinks will be best for her dad! I have a feeling we may be leaving with a couple from her, but that’s ok! It’s all in good fun to celebrate the best guys!