Are You Washing Your Hair Wrong?!

There may not be an official wrong or correct way to wash your hair, but there is a way for maximum cleanliness, and to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck with your products.

The Correct Way To Wash Your Hair

RINSE AND REPEAT. You’ve heard the phrase, but do you actually do it? Always wash your hair twice! The first wash will remove any buildup that’s hanging out on your hair since your previous wash. It will get that dry shampoo out, it’ll help get the oil out and any other products you’ve used since your last wash. Then rinse, and repeat. The second wash will get your hair squeaky clean and allow your products to actually soak into your hair and scalp and your hair will absorb all the great nutrients your products have in them. (That’s also why it’s important to get products with great ingredients!)

A few commonly asked questions…

  • Are you using double the product? It does feel like this is using double the amount of product but since switching to an all natural hair care line I use probably 1/4 of what I was using before even going from one wash to two! I just use a small quarter size amount on my first wash and make sure I really get all over my hairline and scalp. Then I rinse and use about 2 nickel size amounts to get it all lathered up and clean. Monat’s products are much more concentrated than drugstore and even salon brands so a little goes a long way. When I was using drugstore products I was filling my hand FULL of product when I was washing. No wonder I had so much product buildup weighing my hair down! Start with a little and keep adding until you feel like you whole head is lathered and clean.
  • How do you know the ingredients are good for your hair? Most hair products contain silicons, parabens, waxes and sulfates that aren’t doing anything for your hair. Natural and plant based products can actually help your hair. There are lots of great products that help with hair loss, with healing damage, with hydration and even removing buildup and cutting back on the oil! Seriously, whatever problem you have, there’s a shampoo for that! Educate yourself on the ingredients and only use what you’re comfortable with putting on your body.

So if you weren’t trying it before, try washing twice and see if you can tell a difference in the cleanliness of your hair!

And if you’re looking for a clean alternative to your hair care products. Monat is a great option. It’s all vegan, plant based, cruelty free and non toxic. They actually create a lot of ingredients themselves and the products are proven to help heal your hair. There are no other products like it on the market and you truly can transform your hair just by swapping your products out! Take my free hair quiz here and I’d love to help you pick out the best products for yourself! Just send me an email or instagram message to get started!

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